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I am in need of a very good and effective treatment for mild acne.

I am nearly eighteen years old and I have had to deal with acne since I was in the fifth grade. Throughout the years I have tried countless over-the-counter products to help with my skin problem. They did not help so I moved on to ProActive. This, also, did not show any improvements for myself, although I used it for months. I finally visited a dermatologist when I was in middle school and they prescribed Accutane for me. I was on this treatment for nearly a year. When I was finally off of this dreadful medicine my skin was noticeably clearer. However, it has never been pristine or how I would like it to be. Going to visit the dermatologist again is my last resort as I do NOT want to ever take the drug Accutane. It really messed up my menstrual cycles and caused me to loose a lot of blood and for me to be anemic. I was just inquiring if anyone has any good products for me to use? I have acne on my face of course, but I also have it on my chest as well. I have been using Netroguena Deep Cleansing Cream for nearly three weeks but I have not seen a single improvement other than my acne and skin getting much redder. I know many products take a couple weeks to work but if anyone has any better suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I am very tired of waking up each and every morning only to hide myself behind make-up and I want to actually enjoy the summer of 2014 by not being conscious of my bathing suits, dresses, or tops.

Thank you for your time.

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The spectro line for blemish prone skin works really well. The Blemish prone cleanser and Blemish prone moisturizer works really well for me. The moisturizer contains salicylic acid which helps removing dead skin cells. While the cleanser is a non foaming gel cleanser which helps calm the inflammation of the skin. Foaming agents Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and all the other Sodium Lauryl can cause the skin to become drier and proner to irritants.

Hope I help, these have been my miracle prodcuts for my acne. Im currently dealing with the left over spots and pigmentation. Remember use the Blemish Prones from Spectro, there are reports that the normal dry and oily are not that good.

Most acne treatments will only worsen acne and irritate the skin in my experience.*coughs* aheemmm.......... Neutrogena.... who said that?

EDIT: If you google "Pro Active Reviews" many people hate it! I am one of those people it made my skin proner to the sun and gave me cystic acne. Never use Pro active its more dammaging that good.

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Hey Girl,

My name is Meg and I'm an esthetician who specializes in acne/acne scar removal. I went to skin school selfishly to fix my own "pizza face" and now I'm on a mission to help people with their acne.

First off, most over the counter products are not approved by the FDA to treat all layers of your skin. The next time you wonder why a product works for 2 weeks and then your back to square one, that's usually the reason. I want you to know that I am NOT the esthetician that will ever tell you, "you need to break out before it gets better", have you ever heard that? When treated with the right products/treatments it should be doing the very opposite of breaking you out.

Here's what I suggest and 99% of my clients have found consistently clearer skin. I've been using the Image Skincare Line for years and years now. They DO NOT make you break out. The Ormedic and Clear Cell line are within the Image line, just fyi...

Morning: Cleanse with Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser - always always always WIPE off your cleanser. Use a facecloth, facial sponge, whatever.

Tone with pure witch hazel. Put it on a cotton ball and wipe your face and neck and around your eyes. It's about $5 at a drugstore and this bottle will last you a long time. Witch Hazel is used in other astringents and it is used to help heal cuts and burns. Treat your acne like a lesion, afterall, some breakouts hurt. Tone as many times a day as you need!

Serum - Ormedic AntiOxidant Serum : I can't stress enough how important a serum is. The molecular structure is a lot thinner and will penetrate deeper into your skin. I'm betting your skin is "dry" on top and you have breakouts? You can't have dry and oily skin in the same spot. That "dryness" is dehydration, not in your body, but your top of layer of skin. Oil cannot come out if theres a thick layer or dry dead skin on top! Use your serum every day, twice a day. morning and night. Not an entire dropper, about half or less than half.

SPF/Moisturizer : I know what you're thinking, "every moisturizer breaks me out" (or something like that) Well not from this line. I would never recommend a product to my acnaeic clients that would make them break out. I recommend the Protection + daily matte moisturizer or the protection + daily hydrating moisturizer. There is a high percentage of zinc in both of these products. Zinc is a boot camp for your skin! It reduces inflammation and speeds up healing, among many other things.

Night: Follow the same steps except use a night time moisturizer. I'd use the clear cell acne lotion. I've had clients tell me that this product cleared up their cystic acne!

Please let me know if you have any more questions! I could talk all day about acne


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I'm not sure where you live but if you can find someone that will do a chemical peel from PCA with resorcinol in it that will help get rid of acne pigmentation super fast! I'm talking 1-3 peels.

xo Meg

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Thank you both immensely for your help! I am researching these two products as we speak and will definitely give them a try. Sorry for getting back so late. I have been very busy the holiday season and haven't had a lot of time. Plus, I'm new to this website so navigation is still an issue, lol. Once again thanks bunches for your help!

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