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Hey i have a rolling scar on my nose, and the dermatologist i saw said i can't do subscsion or excision on the nose, cos the skin is too difficult.

Will injections work on the nose?


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I have a large ice pick scar that just developed on MY nose, it is ugly.

I have not seen a derm yet. Your derms information does not look like

good news for me.

Since you have a rolling scar..I would ask your derm about a filler like Restylene.

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The derm said TCA CROSS can make ur scar worst, by actually making it deeper. eusa_doh.gif

You can do anything to your nose if you have the money and a good doctor to fix the problem.

Look at Michael Jackson and how much he modified his eusa_liar.gif nose

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Ok, I've been researching this because I also have not quite ice pick scarring on my nose. One is a very recent addition from a cyst which I got while my mom-in-law was visiting. evil.gif

I ran into a website that dealt with using skin flaps to fill in these areas on the tips of noses for people with skin cancer. I was actually pretty surprised at how well they were able to reconstruct because some of these are not pretty and very graphic. It seems that if you can find a dermatologist who also specializes in reconstructive surgery for cancer victims they might be able to do something for you.



The only problem I see with this is that they are dealing with much worse sores so a doctor may not feel the risk of something going wrong would be worth it for smaller, healed up indents (at least this is what my current plastic surgeon tells me).

I believe Morris has also been researching this topic of skin flaps for nose scarring, so you can look up some of his posts to see what has, and what has not worked for him so far.

Hang in there honey.

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