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In Need Of Guidance, Acne Breakout!

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Ok so for the past 3 months I can faithfully say that I have washed my face twice a day, using the Cetaphil foam cleanser without skipping a single day, followed by the cetaphil moisturizer and 10%BP just spot treating pimples. Generally I am pretty content with the appearance of my skin, At a given time I'll probably have 1-4 pimples on my face at all times, It really doesn't bother me that much. Thats until I got really bad Deep painful pimples on my cheek for some reason, like 4-5 clustered on my cheek all at once starting about a month ago. I recall having a more mild breakout in the same area about a year ago. Pimples on this cheek are common for some reason haha.

Side note: I don't know if I should call them cysts because what happens is it starts out as a large swollen bump under my skin that hurts, but after like a week in the shower it develops a head.

Factors that may be useful to know

-I started drinking tap water, and tap water only around the time I broke out (I cut out all soda and juice so I literally only drank tap water)

-I am very good about not touching my face at all with my bare hands

-I don't really change my pillowcase regularly huh.png

-I don't talk on the phone alot (some people may say that's where the cheek acne comes from)

-If a pimple has a whitehead, then I will pop it by wrapping tissues around my fingers, I pop most of my pimples rolleyes.gif

-The rest of my face looks decently normal in regards to amount of acne I would have at a given time, just the cheek is making me so insecure because its pretty abnormal in my case.

-I'm a 17 year old male, senior in high school

Basically what I started today is, I researched a lot about how tap water may lead to breakouts and that's what I think my acne may have a relation too.

My new practices (started 10/25/13)

-I washed my pillowcase!

-Stayed with my normal cleansing routine

- Drinking only Bottled water, and a lot of it!


If anyone has any input that would be great. Since I haven't tried many acne products I feel I can't really contribute too well to this forum and I know a lot of this community is based upon the sharing of personal information and experiences, so I figured I'd maybe post my test with drinking bottled water as opposed to tap water, maybe even upload some pictures!

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Hey there! Sounds like you are on the way to developing a good regimen. Most of the things that you are trying to avoid are good, but not completely necessary. Touching your face will not necessarily cause acne, but keeping your skin as clean as possible is always a positive thing! I can tell you that talking on your phone will not cause acne... You would literally need to slather your phone in dirt or oil to even have a small chance of contaminating your skin. Changing your pillow case if definitely a great habit to develop, so keep that up!

Those deep, painful pimples on your face may be nodules. I used to have a couple on my forehead and my dermatologist just called them tumor zits. Mine never came to a head though, so I'm not sure if they're the same as yours. The best thing to do is to leave them alone! The fact that you have stopped picking is great! The reason you should not pick is because when you pop a pimple you are releasing bacteria out of the pore, but in turn it's also being released underneath your skin and spreading the infection. Therefore causing more pimples to erupt. (You probably already knew that though tongue.png)

Here's what I think you should do:

1. Find a good, gentle cleanser. Using cetaphil is okay, but that won't really do anything to help fight the acne. You want something with a balanced pH level. I would recommend either La Roche Posay Effaclar (available at Walgreens and CVS) or a cleanser with a mild Salicylic Acid like Aveeno.

2. Use some sort of astringent to balance the pH in your skin. Lots of people use natural methods like Apple Cider Vinegar, or you can go and find a great toner. I wouldn't recommend using a toner with any kind of BHA or AHA because that can be quite irritating. I used to use Lancome Clarifying Toner (comes in a big blue bottle and available at Macy's) and from what I remember it was a pretty good product.

3. Find a product with BHA+. This will be your main acne fighting agent! Paula's Choice makes a great solution that has 2% Salicylic Acid. When you use this product be VERY conservative. Start by using it once a week. Then move up to twice a week. Then every other day. I wouldn't use it more often than that. Some people find they can use it as a part of their daily regimen, but if you have sensitive or dry skin then conservative is the route to take.

4. Find yourself a great moisturizer. Something that will repair your skin from all the cleansing and medicating that you will be doing. You can try something gentle like Cetaphil, but if you're willing to spend some extra cash I do have some suggestions. I use Sheseido Oil-Free Matiffying Serum and I LOVE it. It is both non-comedogenic and oil-free which is great for breakout/acne prone skin. Also lots of people find that Clinique Repairing Lotion+ (the big square yellow bottle) works just as well.

Hope this helps! It takes time to develop the perfect regimen for your specific skin, but don't get discouraged if the first few products aren't doing the trick... Good luck! :)

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I can suggest you more tips to increase your luck.

-Always have a least one or two bottles of water in hands reach. This will help you drink water even if you are thirsty or not and keep you actively healthy.

-Have hand sanitizer in hands reach.

-Avoid chips, doritos, potatoes and any ice-cream. I find I get bad luck after eating these foods and have a higher risk of breakouts the next day.

-Relax as much as possible. Avoid stress and anxiety with any means necessary.

Those are the three things I do in habit to avoid breakouts. There are heaps more, but most of them are common sense and found on this website.

Good luck mate rolleyes.gif !

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