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Hey all,

I just started reading up on this board a few weeks ago, but haven't seen too much talked about Minocycline. My doctor put me on this (75mg/day) and while it kind of controls the acne, it doesn't really make my face any better. I've been taking this for almost a year now on and off, but my face is a little more clear when I'm on it. A few questions for you guys:

1) Are there potential side effects other than my body may become immune and possible discoloration of teeth?


2) Is there another drug (OTHER than Accutane) that might work for me that I'd suggest which doesn't have many side effects?

I have moderate acne with many whiteheads and have used nearly all OTC drugs out there as well as the Minocycline + Duac Gel. Also, I weigh about 140-150 pounds, so does 75 mg seem like enough?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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1)I'm not sure about teeth. I've been on mino for more than a year and my teeth still look ok. I know for sure that it causes my lips to peel, but thats about it. I don't think your body becomes immune. From what I've heard is that minocyclin kills bacteria in your liver or stomach or something that cause acne.

2)My lil bro uses amoxycylin (not spelled right I don't think), which I guess is sort of the same.

I use it with a combo of differin and stridex sa pads and I'm 99.9% clear now. I strongly advise not going on and off with mino. My derm made it clear that I need to be consistent with taking it or it doesn't really work.

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