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Hyperpigmentation, When Will The Red Marks Go Away? (Photos Inside)

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I developed PIH due to using an oily sun lotion. I was on holiday during the summer (July) and used sun lotion everyday and I realised that was the cause of my PIH - before that my skin was clear. At the moment I am using microdermabrasion once a week and Cane & Austin pads and a cleanser/moisturiser from the skincare brand Aesop. I have stopped using the sun lotion but because sun lotion is advisable for people with PIH I now use a oil-free sun lotion. My PIH looks less red than they used to but I have had them for 6 months now. I am not really getting any new ones, the last one I had was two weeks ago.

what do you think I can do to improve them? does diet work? any advice is welcome :) thanks





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Posted (edited)

i don't know what people usually call hyperpigmentation, i thought it was a sun issue. if it's the redness/red spots of acne, imo that is the result of acne bacteria. either their toxins or imune system fighting against their waist, or bacteria itself.

my advice would be:

1. drink your water with say a tea spoon of fresh lemon juice.

2. wash with green tea.

and of course with this perspective on "hyperpigmentation" in mind i would say healthy food is esential.

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