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Severe Perioral Dermatitis

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I feel like a broken record here. Problem after fucking problem.

I've never had this before. I've got 2 giant red c-shaped patches around the sides of my mouth. They look atrocious. Red, itchy, inflamed.

Definitely perioral dermatitis. How on earth do I go about treating this??

I'm preferably looking for advice from people who have suffered previously, or anyone who knows anything about this.

Please please help me out. I'm a 23 year old guy from England. I don't need this in my life. Genuinely crying as I'm writing this. I can't take this any more.

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Has anyone suffered from the same thing, and found ways to combat it?

YEsterday I started antibiotics. Not sure what else I can do though.

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I just joined this forum today. I am going through the same. What antibiotics are you using?

I have good news and bad news for you. Antibiotics will work in a couple of weeks (your face will be clear) and will work as long as you are on them. But you will soon grow resistant to them and also become dependent. Once you stop taking these antibiotics, perioral dermatitis will come back. I am on antibiotics for now but I am sure they are going to stop working in a few months and hence I am looking for alternate treatments. My face is clear right now, but I feel like it can come back anytime once I grow resistant to these medicines. So antibiotics are not the answer, even if they work for now.

I found this threat here, this might be useful, I am certainly going to look into this once I decide to go off antibiotics.

Hang in there, I know this can be a crazy thing to deal with at the moment, but you have to be strong. I have suffered with this condition for the past 3 years and I am just 21.

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Hey....Wow I wish I had come on sooner. I suffered from severe perioral dermatitis in late 2012. It was horrible, trust me, I believe you. Mine started from using a steroid cream, mainly because my skin became addicted to it. (prescribed by my family doctor to treat a small rash)

As soon as I stopped, it exploded on almost my entire face. red, itchy, burning and ugly.

Heres what I did...mind you it took 3 weeks, BUT..knock on wood, I haven't had it since.

I bought ORGANIC apple cidar vinegar(braggs brand)

I diluted it about 50% with water and used a cloth to gently wipe it on my face twice a day.

I also took a table spoon pure once a day.

I was on minocycline antibiotics for 4 weeks which seemed to help as well.

I also used a cream (prescription) called METROGEL.

This was simply amazing.

I also learned to stay away from products containing SLS (Sodium Lauyrl Sulfate) as it will just irritate your skin and may cause another outbreak.

I use AVEENO foaming wash for my face. As well as AVEENO shampoo both which are SLS free.

My toothpaste is SLS free as well.

I also restrained from touching the rash or wearing any makeup to cover it. Don't pop them, they will spread.

After I actually went on Accutane because I found I couldn't use acne creams anymore.

And that seemed to work for me nothing for years.

Good luck, feel free to PM if you want with more questions!:)

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HI I am a 28 yr old female with minimal skin issues besides sensitive skin until 2 months ago when I used a strong drying cleanser then noticed redness, dryness and little bumps at the bottom corner of my mouth. This seemed to resolve but soon my ksin became resistant to any SLS products (including my usual cleanser), and I developed a red spot by my nose and the skin in the area became shiny, red and super sensitive/burning sensation. It looked very 'shiny' with makeup on and spread down my R nasolabial fold- it would burn, peel then little bumps my skin also seemed to become more oily and I seemed to get what I think were more general 'pimpes'. I saw a derm and he diagnosed me with eczema-dermatitis and said to use cortisone, which I refrained from doing (steroid freaked me out and wasn't sure if perioral dermatitis). I am now convinced I have POD, I saw a 2nd derm and he said my pores looked clogged and I may be developing adult acne?! So put me on Accutane 20mg/day (I am 50kg). However, after 3 wks the skin changes seem to have happened mildly on my left nasolabial fold?!? :( Should I continue to take the Accutane or stop? Can Accutane resolve POD?? I am so confused.

How are you guys going with the antibiotics? I cant take them atm as I am on Accutane....

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Hi Tom,

I had perioral and periocular dermatitis for 6 miserable months. But I've been dermatitis-free for 2 years now. I got rid of it by using Mederma Scar Gel (not the ointment). Nothing was working for me and so I tried the gel out of desperation. I swear, my dermatitis was gone within a couple of days. I was so happy I cried.

I know that the scar gel won't work for everyone, but it worked for me. Hope this helps.

PS: I discovered that using a lot of iodized salt on my food or in my saline nasal rinse triggers the dermatitis. I can't use personal care products with SLS and ALS anymore either. Or fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

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I have outbreaks of P.D too. It tends to get irritates by toothpaste, faces washes and cosmetics. I have outbreaks of P.D on my body too and this tends to happen when I use a soap or fabric softener I'm allergic to.

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