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Blackheads and Enlarged Pores


I've been having trouble with acne, blackheads and enlarged pores for a few years now. Using Carley's Clean And Clear, I've managed to get rid of the acne but nothing will get rid of my blackheads and enlarged pores.

I have blackheads on my chin and nose and enlarged pores on my nose and the surrounding area. Does anyone know how I can get rid of them?

edit : I live in the UK, so could someone please tell me where I can get the stuff from if anything can help me.



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Yes Terry! There is an answer! If everyone would just become a label reader and/or research the ingredients in their products, they would find the culprit to so many skin problems! It's MINERAL OIL! There is no doubt in my mind that the product you are using has this occlusive, petrol based oil. Mineral oil is "saran wrap" on your skin. the molecular structure is too big to penetrate, thus clogging your pores and literally leaching moisture from your skin. There's no mystery here. This is all proven scientifically. Go to a any search engine online (i love google.com) and type in mineral oil skin carcinogen. see what comes up about this highly toxic ingredient that is in 98% of all cosmetics.

So, it has clogged your pores, continues to do so long-term, and those blackheads will never go away.

Fortunately i do know of a company that will work. i will not advertise on this message board; however, if you are interested, i will guide you to a PURE SAFE BENEFICIAL product that is all botanicals...meaning, they will penetrate beneath the dermis layer of your skin, where all the healthy, pink skin cells are, and for the LONG-TERM, give you beautiful skin.

It happened for me smile.gif

Please, contact me, Terry. I promise i have the answer.

xoxo Su

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I have enlarged clogged pores on the tip of my nose and under my eyes, the only things I've found to help are getting out in the sun which seems to help shrink my pores, and steaming my face every now and then.

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