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nervous about 'tane!!

hey everyone, im new here..

ive had mild-moderate acne for a couple years now.. I tried doxycycline, differin, cleocin, and I'm on bactrim right now. Nothing really helped except for the bactrim, which cleared up my skin quite a bit, but I'm very obsessive about my skin, so I wasnt satisfied. I went to the derm this morning and asked about Accutane. He said my skin had gotten a lot better in the last 2 months because of the Bactrim, but he didnt hesitate to prescribe me 40mg of Accutane twice a day (80 mg total). I was just wondering if this is a high dosage (i weigh around 155 pounds) and what the chances of a potential outbreak are. My acne is pretty suppressed right now.. i dont think there's a lot of junk under my skin so im wondering if that will help keep an initial breakout away.

Thanks a lot, please feel free to share your tane experiences.

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Agreed. I am on 40 mg a day for the second month of treatment. My acne is severe and disfiguring. I won't be put on 80 mg a day until December of this year. I weigh 125 and am 5'8.

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Whitey don't be nervous, it will be the best thing that ever happened to you, you won't believe how good this drug is better than marijuana! LOL don't worry though just make sure you have a moisturizer and something to use for your lips, I use aquafor but it makes your lips look glossy...I'm thinking about changed to something else cause everyone keeps asking me why I'm always wearing lip gloss and it sucks having to answer that question every dam day!

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