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P. acnes like moisturiser?

If acne medications like sulphur function is to dry out the pimples/ blackheads to the point where they dislodge themselves, then moisturising is not good.

Besides I have noticed that moisturiser seems to work against the goals of acne medications.

For me using any moisturiser brings back pimples.

p. acnes seems to like moisturiser.

Any comments?

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Yeah I also noticed a dry face attracts lots of oils therefore breaking me out. So I guess acne suffers are fucked either way. Its all mostly internal heatlh. Creams can only do so much.

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from what i've read on threads here, the goal of moisturizer is to reduce the skin from excessive dryness caused by stuff like BP. what causes dryness? lack of lubrication like....oil~!

but i'm starting to think sorta along your lines, that moisturizers can even be culprit for causing more acne. I have oily skin, but am lead to believe that by following the regimen my oily prone skin isn't going to want to produce as much sebum by smearing on tons of "oil-free" moisturizers.

None of those chemicals i see listed on the packaging however seem to be naturally occuring stuff in my body soooo.... eusa_eh.gif

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