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The derm put me on Tazorac a week ago (wednesday) after being on differen for 3 months. About 2-3 days after starting this my chin really broke out, not sure what kind of acne it is, but it hurt as it was settling or coming up. I havn't went a day this last week without at least 1 new one poping up. Now some of them are starting to disapear, hopefully most/some will be gone by monday (I didn't go to school today because I was too low spirited to even attempt it). Just wonder if this was normal and if Tazorac is just bringing these up. By the way the skin around my mouth has been peeling, but not too much and my lips are chapped from licking them too much, I guess because i've just been nervous.

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Nevermind I found my answer at tazorac.com. It says, "In the first few weeks your acne may look worse, but it should start to improve in about 4 weeks." So I guess it is just bringing it all out...

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Yeah, if it's anything like Retin-A (which I think Taz is, just a bit stronger) the acne will get a bit worse before it gets better, but just hang in there!

I'm just getting through week 5 on Retin-A Micro and my skin went through a really rough period there for a bit, but now it's beginning to subside! Thank God!

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Well the first week I broke out alot, now most are starting to go down but still some are poping up. My chin was the biggest one to deal with I got 5 there in the first week, 2 on my knoes, and 2 on my cheek; and the skin around my mouth is peeling. Most are starting to go down now so i plan on them (hopefully) to be gone by next week. As the site said it might be better in 4 weeks. Though I do wish the derm would have kept me on Differen which seemed to be working alot more. Still have 2 1/2 weeks till I do reach the 4 week mark... So I can't really answer your question because I have just started it.

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