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hi everyone,

i am unfortunately one of those pickers and recently after a bad breakout i did a bit of damage to my skin. i have hyperpigmentation, red and brown spots left, but i also have a few scabs. in the past i've picked at my scabs and the result has not been pretty, but i was wondering if you guys could give any advice as to how long scabs usually stay on the skin and the best treatment (im currently using a combo glycolic/azaelic/salicylic acid cream all over my face). should i be putting anything on the scabs at all? whenever i use some kind of acid on my face it seems to sting the scabs a bit and im not quite sure whether thats a good or bad thing. on top of the scars i use mario badescu healing cream, but i don't think that does much, other than make neutralize the sting from the acids. also another general question. i started on glycolics (md formulations) last march, i have no idea why b/c now thinking of it i had near perfect skin..but now my skin looks terrible in comparison. i think i started because i had a lot of clogged pores and also a dull-ish complexion, so i wanted to speed up the natural exfoliation process. now my skin just seems to get worse and worse, and all i seem to do is buy more and more products to fix my skin. i think it has to do with glycolics b/c i have darker asian toned skin that scars, darkens easily so i think my skin has been responding to everything much more ...including bouts of breakouts. i've used salicylic acid and bp cream, but all it seems to do is create a reddish raised bump (so i know it didn't kill all the bacteria in the zit, i end up popping it anyways after treating it for like 2 weeks, and i get ridiculous scabs and redness afterwards). i think my bout of acne is finally starting to subside..it was quite terrible for a while but now im looking into ways to treat the damage it left behind. im scared to go off teh glycolics and salicylic b/c altho it may have left me a bit more sensitive, my skin texture has never been more amazing..its very soft, and the parts w/o scarring is very very clear and baby smooth. i wonder if its worth giving up the glycolics then. which is funny b/c i just ordered some lactic acid and glycolic peels, cp serum and puredeming IG. haha. what i do to my skin. do u think i should just go the all natural route? just b/c my skin seemed to get a lot worse after using glycolics..but ooh the texture! haha. sorry for all the randomness..but any help would be greatly appreciated. tia.

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