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How To Meet Girls When Dealing With Acne?

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So, in-short, the acne-induced isolation-filled lifestyle that I've grown content with and accustomed to since graduating from college almost three years ago is beginning to be perceived as unhealthy, and rightfully so, by my family, coworkers and even strangers. Everyone tells me that I need a girlfriend, and its embarrassing and pathetic. I smile sheepishly and say something about how Im more professionally focused in life right now and that the other stuff will come later, but the truth is Im too anxious and self-conscious to really invest 100% into social endeavors. The problem is, as a sufferer of acne, I simply cannot do the same things as other people. I cant consume copious amounts of alcohol and eat processed foods and screw my melatonin cycle up and generally jeopardize the state of my skin. I dont have a wide circle of friends from which to rely upon, nor an extensive history of romantic pursuits from which to draw experience from. Its me, just me. All I have is myself. The only advantage I feel that I have is that Im working, I have a good job, Im making money, and Im saving money.

But even if I was in a serious relationship - a welcome distraction perhaps - I don't think I could ever truly be "happy," not with the presence of acne and anxiety looming over me. I have a hard time thinking that anyone would want to be with another person who has acne and anxiety when there are so many other people out there who are available and do not have this extra baggage. Still, I feel that I should be doing something, making some sort of effort to avoid being alone - and not necessarily because Im deeply drawn to the idea of being intimately connected with another person, but because I just want to be normal. And right now, spending way too much time around my family is not normal. I want to get my own place next year, but the thought of living absolutely entirely alone isnt particularly exciting. I guess part of me does in some way want something more, but I really have no idea where to begin, not after living like this for so long.

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I can relate to your story. I have certainly been through periods of my life like that and although I have had long term relationships, I have self esteem issues, and generally more acne induced stress than deserved. I have just started on accutane and the results so far are terrific. I really really wish someone had told me to go on it years ago, as I wouldn't have as much scarring as I do today and feel I could have achieved more in all areas of my life. As you know it affects your entire lifestyle. I can't tell you the number of times I have had to take days of work, cancel nights out with my friends, miss opportunities with girls and lack the motivation to do anything productive through this disease. I really advise you to go on accutane. Don't be put off by the scare stories, check out the statistics yourself, it's a miracle and yes there are some bad side effects but you are monitored regularly and low dosage has less side effects. It's a risk worth taking.

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Well i am a girl and i dont think that a little acne makes boys ugly, in fact boys with perfect skin is intimidating! As people say "beauty is only skin deep" so get out there and charm them with your personality as that's what counts! :)

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