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Does Anyone Find Their Scars Are Getting Bigger Over Time?

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Do any of you have scars which have actually got bigger over time?

I have a scar right in the middle of my cheek, and over the past couple of years I have noticed the scar has become wider, the colour has changed (it has become whiter, and can also go very red), and the texture has become more plastic-like. I also noticed how it seems to spreading and blending with surrounding smaller scars. I have not had any acne during this time, nor have I had any treatments.

This is starting to make me quite worried, as I fear it may be a keloid scar (although it is depressed, not raised), and the position of the scar makes it very obvious. Whilst I can somewhat cover the scar at the moment, if it continues to change like this then I won't even be able to cover it properly. It's getting really bad to the point where I need to do something about it, I just don't know what. Initially the scar was an ice-pick scar, but I had a punch excision on it a few years ago which made it much worse. Needless to say this is a procedure I do not want to get done again, but given how jagged and ugly the scar is, I don't know what other choice I have.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any ideas what I should do?

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I would Definitely look into a subcsion on that scar.research the plastic surgeon well first and get consultation.i had one for a rolling depressed scar in august looks excellent now.the expertise and dexterity of the dr. Go along way in determining how well results are from subcision.this technique is different than punch excision used for ice pick scarring.good luck

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For awhile I had the same feeling about my skin. I was convinced it was worsening. It honestly probably was, a little bit at least. I wasn't getting any more acne but I felt that my existing scars were almost morphing or changing size and shape. Nothing completely drastic but enough for me to notice and eventually worry/obsess about it. It was like that for awhile but now my skin is what it is. I didn't do anything to get it to stop in particular, it kind of happened on its own...

Almost like my skin was still adjusting or reacting from previous years battling acne. But looking back I kind of think it was my own doing, mentally. Not that my skin was actually changing. I guess I stopped staring at myself in the mirror as if one day there would be less scars.

Not sure if you relate or this helps.

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