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Dry Skin, Moisturizer? Help!

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Hi, so i have not used any product at all on my face for some time now, i have only rinsed my face with water every other day or so and my skin has gotten alot better and i dont get acne that much any more and my terrible confidence started to get a little better.. Untill the winter came, now my skin has started gotten really really dry and flaky, so im thinking that i need to start using a moizturiser but im affaid that will make me break out :( so i really dont know what to do, is there any moizturiser that wont mess up my skin? If you know, please help me, this is getting me depressed :(

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After i finished accutane i just stopped using everything on my face except cerave Cream cleanser- after i dry my face my skin feels comfortable but above my cheek i have a dry patch. I just use cerave hydrating lotion just on that little spot. Before the meds i used to hydrate my whole entire face- but now i just spot treat my dry spots because i just want to be a free soul or a cavewomen. (wow that sounded weird.)

The only use that particular hydrating cream because its so watery- so it doesnt feel like im smothering my skin.

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