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Hey all, just finished an 8 month course of accutane, im 120lb 16yo and was doing 20mg/day.

just had my last pill today, and i have noo pimples :) i just have some PIH on both cheeks.

Looking for some help with a few things;

-how long does PIH take to fade? im using a cleanser and bio oil twice a day.

- the real question.!! WHAT SHOULD I DO TO AVOID ANY MORE ACNE. that was the worst period of my life, like maintenance and a routine or something.

- my derm gave me a script for Epiduo gel, not sure if i should use that or not

Any help appreciated!!

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I'm in the same position as you, I'm sorry I can't help, I'm just as confused.

Some people say that it's necessary to use a maintenance routine after accutane, others say that could make your skin worse. All I know is don't rush into anything, your skin will still be very sensitive for a few weeks after accutane. Let me know how you get on :)

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I feel the best way possible is just use a gentle cleanser and go easssy on your skin. The epiduo is just to be used on any little spots that come up ( they will be just very tiny if they do pop up) - the PIH will fade in less than a couple months- if you wear SPF everyday in those spots.

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Keep in mind you might get remission.

You took about a 4800 mg cumulative dose, which is 73% of the recommended minimum dosage. The recommended minimum dosage is typically 120 mg/kg, which for you is a cumulative dose of 6545 mg.

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so its been 12 days since i finished.. my PIH looks better, but i keep getting really small pimples.. i have on near my lip and one on my forehead which is un usual , what does this meannn?? what should i do

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