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Hello, i am a 20 years old male and i have mild to medium levels of acne. I was on accutane 2 years ago at 60 mg/ day, after many other prescription gels failed. My skin cleared nicely with mild breakouts after i stopped using the drug for a couple years, and i was happy with myself.

But now I am breaking out again and using 2.0% SA from neutrogena to help prevent and treat my pimples. Its not so much that I have breakouts all over my face but red marks left from old pimples. Therefore it looks like I am badly broken out some days when I really only had a couple active pimples, so when i have more than a couple it looks even worse.

Along with the SA i am suntanning frequently. I find tanning helps prevent my skin from drying but not from pimples. Also, shaving seems to aggravate my skin as well.

I am wondering if anyone has a treatment routine that helps them minimize redness on their skin tone while keeping their skin manageably clear? Also, has anyone used a tanning bed before and in the long term seen their skin get worse?

Does anyone have shaving suggestions so I dont have regret every time I shave?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated because I really dont want to have to get prescription drugs for my skin anymore (partly cuz I cant afford them)and Im thriving for some self esteem. eusa_wall.gif

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antibiodics help my skin tone quite a bit... laying out in the sun a few hours a day does wonders too... proactive toner isnt half bad either

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