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My question: Is accutane a possibility for me?

I have moderate adult acne for the past year, and have been prescribed things like acanya, atralin, tri luma, and all have made my skin worse. Also I have taken minocyline pills the last 6 months. Right now I started a new regiment for the past 2 weeks using clindamycin gel in the morning and ziana in the evening, I also take 75mg of minocyline pills in the morning. My face is not producing many new big pimples or zits, but I have a lot of discoloration, hyper pigmentation, and new small ball like scars from hard/clear see through like balls forming once or twice a week. *also have minor back and chest acne.

At this rate I know that my current regiment will heal my face slightly but I have have a feeling that if I take accutane in low doses it could do a complete 180 on my face and allow me to live my life without having to wear make up as a guy.

Please help and any addition info would be great. I know accutane is for severe cystic acne and has a lot of possible side effects, but mine has been extremely persistent and has not really shown much improvement over the last year with retinoids and other topicals because basically my face has continued to become worse with spots and dark marks to the point where I stay inside all day, or have to put make up on to feel normal. Please help if you can or how your face was before starting accutane :). I am going to the dermatologist this week and planning to ask to get on accutane.

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