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Regimen in a morning


I was wondering if anyone else had problems using the BP gel in a morning???

I've tried it but found the following problems:

1. The whole process takes forever and waiting for the gel to dry before applying moisturiser takes ages and if i apply it b4 its fully dry then it goes all white and it just feels like i've got a thick layer of gloop on my face.

2. Afterwards my face feels quite stiff and so if i smile, yawn etc my face starts to crack and becomes really flaky, particularly round my mouth where its more sensitive - this is very embarassing at work!!

3. And finally applying make up over the thick gloopy layer looks just terrible...

... So i came to the conclusion after a couple of nightmare embarassing days of looking shocking at work that it was impossible to apply the gel in a morning but i'm onto my 5th big tube now and apply loads at night but my skin has shown little/no improvement so far.

I don't know what to do! help! any suggestions? sad.gif

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My routine is...

I use Clearasil in a morning to cleanse, then wait 15 mins apply lots and lots of BP Gel and then use Eucerin Alpha Hydroxy lotion to moisturise

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I don't use the gel, i use on the spot..but i agree you should apply it all the way. even if it does take forever doubt.gif Maybe try applying a little less around your mouth? My chin tends to be really sensitive and at times it gets extremely dry, red, and flakey. So i just apply less to my chin, until it's gone back to normal then i go back to applying the usual amount. hope that helps confused.gif good luck!

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I've given up on trying to put on makeup over BP. It looks ridiculous. The BP literally peels off and my face looks like it's decomposing. Tried a couple of times, but I always end up washing it all off and putting on makeup without the BP.

It makes no difference whether it's Dan's gel, or on-the-spot, they both look equally terrible. Now, I just do the normal routine at night, and in the mornin...I apply the BP, and leave it on until it's completely absorbed...and then I GENTLY wash it off and go on with my normal makeup routine.

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