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I've noticed a lot of people on this board having trouble with cysts. I get those every once in a while too and I thought I'd share my method of treatment.

Don't ask me why it works, but applying warm salt water to cysts seems to reduce the size of them and also tends to get them to some kind of poppable state. Personally, I don't have the kind of patience or capacity to hold my breath to keep my head in a bowl of salt water for any long periods of time, so I just soak a paper towel or napkin and hold it against my problem area while I watch TV or whatever.

And as long as I'm posting, I've also seen a lot of people that are convinced that masturbation and/or sex breaks them out. If anything, it's the self-induced guilt and therefore stress that they feel afterwards that does it. In my case, it's the testosterone spike I get from bodybuilding that breaks me out. If I didn't work out at all, my skin would be almost totally clear. Anyway, I've found that masturbation (and probably sex too. I wouldn't know eusa_wall.gif ) actually results in not only relieving stress obviously, but also settling down one's testosterone levels. So in effect, masturbation is my acne treatment. biggrin.gif

I hope this information helps you guys out. Good luck everyone.

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Masterbation is actually good for you, current research in to prostate cancer has shown that masterbation not only reduces stress levels which affects acne, but also reduces prostate cancer in men dramatically if done at least 3-5 times a week....so keep it up !

Fejao x

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Yeah mastrubation is good, sex is even better, but I cannot make a plausible statement about wheter it has something to do with breakouts.

However I would like you 2 bodybuilders(or more, I don't know how many of us there are here) to consider laying of dairy protein TOTALLY for some time(if interested, please read my post - the long one, it's quite a lot of text and I don't feel like writing it again). I would give it some time, like a month, though, it worked instantly for me, it was like I felt my skin wouldn't break out anymore the first day I did this, however I got more anxious as time passed. But it worked. Please, I would really like to hear how other people who practice weightlifting(mass building) respond to that kind of diet alteration. I would be very happy if you would give this a try and told me about your results.

P.S.: I still use BP but not on a regular basis and in much smaller ammounts - in the beginning it can be beneficial cause it speeds up the healing(it did for me) but later on try to cut that down, too.


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