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I started with a few pimples on the forehead. Probably age 12.

Other peers would say, "What are those bumps on your forehead?" This happened on several occasions. I either ignored them or lied by saying I hurt myself (somehow, accounting for scabs and red marks). redface.gif

One day I was at the beach with relatives. I didn't have a bad breakout or anything, just a few healing red spots and maybe 1 or 2 active little zits. We went surfing that day and my cousin wanted me to put my hair up which I did not want to do because the active zits were being covered by the hair alongside my face. So finally I just put in a pony tail and tried to inconspicuously (sp) leave some "chunks" of hair down to cover those active zits rolleyes.gif .

It was obvious to everyone eusa_wall.gif what I was doing and I felt horrible. After I finished surfing my uncle asked me (in front of lots of people) "What are you doing for your acne?"

I told him my skin got dry and red in the summer but cleared up in the winter (I do not live by the ocean btw). I wasn't sure if this was even true- all I know is that last winter I had perfect skin and come spring/summer my skin went evil. (now it's clearing up, hurray!)

I was so embarrassed and angry.

My family went camping in Cananda and we brought my 12 year old cousin along. We were in the campground bathrooms and I was trying to get her and my sisters to leave so I could wash my face. So I decided, Oh, just put the soap on (wash off the foundation) they can't see much they'll leave.

Instead my cousin is shouting "ACNE ATTACK!"

So I looked at her and said, "Actually my skin gets dry and red in the summer. It's not acne."

"oh," she said, then she left.

As if that didn't make me angry enough...

My sisters and cousin we are playing a game and my cousin suddenly got really hyper and started rough-housing, WITH ME

This included placing her hands on my faces and tearing across the skin.

I was so mad, I pushed her away (very forcefully) and tried to act like nothing happened.

"Ugh," she said "I got that stuff you wear on your face all over my hands."

"What stuff?" I said trying to pretend I didn't have anything on.

"The stuff to cover up your... you know..."

I either pretended not to listen or rapidly changed the subject.

Things like this make me so mad. Why can't people understand that NOT NOTICING is the best thing you can do for someone with acne??? It's hard when people tease or are really mean about it- You can't HELP IT (having acne)!!! This has been so hard for me, it's the type of thing that makes me so mad! I have a friend with bad acne and I never said a thing about it until she started complaining to me one day. I then encouraged her and told her everything I knew that worked. She seemed to feel so much better.

My policy is, if someone you know has acne, IGNORE it focus on who they are and forget about their SKIN! If they open up to you about their acne problem then tell them what you know and try to encourage them.

ugh, bad times, bad times. I hate to remember them.

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I am really happy today.

Absolutely no new zits. Only fading red marks (so I still put foundation on) but my face looks and feels so smooth! I am really happy about it. biggrin.gif

I just put my hair in a pony tail for the first time... since FOREVER!!! eusa_dance.gif

I hope I can keep clear. I never really "broke out" in the first place. I just got this little (and I mean tiny, tiny tiny TINY like not noticeable) skin colored bumps and instead of not touching them and medicating them I squeezed them all out- eusa_wall.gif starting my cheeks on this horrendous rampage which has lasted 7 months.

Those very same bumps are now starting on my forehead but I know better to just leave them alone!!! (I had acne on my forehead previously and every once in a while these tiny things show up again but I always get them to go away) eusa_naughty.gif

I hope to keep my skin clear now. I keep thinking about how bad it had gotten and now... I am just really happy!!!! biggrin.gif

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Guest agentx

dont u sleep e?

as for the topic, u cant imagine the things ive been told abt my face, and now when i walk in front of those so called "friends" with chicks all around me, friends offcourse, ... i LOVE teh look on THIER face :]

Moral of story. Ignore em

Agent ] x [

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Guest agentx

ok we`ll make up when i come back from work aight? smile.gif cheer up ... i seriously dont know wat i did wrong ... im out :] ({)

Agent ] x [

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miss elsa, where is the yuppster? driver's ed love? i found love on a two way street and lost it on a lonely highway....sorry couldn't help it, lot of lodies in southern cali... eusa_boohoo.gif

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