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someone killed themselves coz of roccutane(spellin

IMO, Accutane does not cause depression. The reason people kill themselves while on it is because it causes the Acne to flare up, bad in some cases, before it does it's magic. (Most)People who have Acne on their face are ill affected by the results of this flare up.

I am on Accutane which was prescribed for my chest and shoulder Acne. I have experience no signs of depression at all and this is my 4 month on tane. Keep in mind though, I have no active Acne on my face(thankfully).

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twas a joke you moron.

you have won yourself dick head of the week award here at acne.org

be proud!

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Accutane doesn't kill people. The people were already messed up to beggin with. They realised that it was too late for them and they couldn't come out of their depression. They think that once the acne is gone it will be like magic but it's still hard after you've been living in depression for years. Also many people with severe acne scarring use accutane as the ultimate drug to cure acne. Imagine how some people might react to see acne coming back after their course? Or realising how many acne scars they have. There is many things that could contribute to their depression and suicide.

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