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Hyperpigmentation & Exfoliation

I have to begin this by saying "yes, I am obsessive" even though something like Star Date, blah, blah, blah would be more entertaining.

So, my initial breakout is finally going away (yes!) and I am left with red marks and super-dry skin. I need advice. Can I exfoliate? If so, what should I use? I've been using my hands and Cetaphil in order to slough away some of the dry skin and nothing is alleviating the little red spots where my acne once was the starring role. What can I use to get rid of those annoying signs of hyperpigmentation?

I know that my options are limited since I am on Accutane. If someone has been through this and has a solution, let me know.

Thanks guys!

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I'm on month two of Accutane and I've had some success doing small exfoliations (every few days) with a bit of Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment. It's got SA in it.

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Gypsy: Is the Multi-Vitamin stuff a lotion, cleanser or a vitamin? I'm confused.

GO: My initial breakout started around week four. I think most people have their initial breakout during week two but I was only on 20 mg a day. It lasted around two to three weeks and they were, believe me, two to three weeks of self-conscious hell. My skin is finally clearing up.

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