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Advice Bdly Needed Please (Pics)

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Hi Everyone,

I completed accutane a year ago and things for the most part went well. I do however have a scar that is right between my eyes that causes me considerable distress. I think its an ice-pick scar as it's indented, but I'm at a complete loss as to how to treat it. I have a consultation later next month for the enerjet treatment which is a combination of fillers/subcision. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do about it?


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Hey thanks for the reply. I tried dermaflage but I couldn't get it to sit well on my skin, I liked the idea of it but sadly the reality was that it ended up looking very unnatural.

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Thanks. I might try needling as I think I have a basic grasp of the method behind healing scars (induce wound to stimulate collagen renewal etc- just a bit scared of doing it myself!). I get upset about it as I went through the absolute hell of accutane to get my skin to where I wanted it to be and I kinda feel that this is the last part of the puzzle to be solved. Do you think enerjet wouldn't be worth it because there would be no markable improvement or because it's a costly treatment for just one scar?

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you can have it excised. The new scar will be less noticeable. You can then try to blend the hair line thin scar after it is healed by a dermabrasion, laser treatment etc.

Or you can just have a dermabrasion straight up.

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