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another question, is the regimen for me?

I have very mild but persistant breakouts that never go away completely. The severity 'cycles' through the month presumably with hormone levels where I'll go from one week of nice and clear (besides maybe redmarks left over from previous weeks) to another week of annoying breakouts (and everything in between).

My skin is normally on the dry side but I've been moisturizing with a new moisturizer for the past month and the dryness is pretty much under control.

I have very fair skin, it is sensitive as well.

I am wondering if the regimen will prevent those breakout cycles. I was also thinking of altering the regimen slightly to just one bp application per day (at night) since my skin would absolutely rebel at the harshness.

also, I tried an application of bp the other night and it caused just a little bit of itching/irritation but the major thing I noticed was a LOT of reddening and my face had a 'flushed' look in the morning and all day. Is this usual? Will it go away after my skin 'adapts'?

Thanks for the help folks.

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I'm a dry sensitive skin gal prone to monthly breakouts. The regimen works pretty well for me - tho I only get acne on my chin/jaw and I use a much smaller dosage than dan advises and always have. It doesn't completely eliminate all zits...I would still get 1-2 zits a month, usually in the week preceding my period. *yawn*

Yes peeling and redness are to be expected in the first week or so and are mostly transient side effects. Tho bp will always cause peeling to some extent...that is part of how it and most topical meds work. I think it is a wise idea to start with a small amount of bp once a day....you can gradually work your way up in dosage amount or application frequency as you see fit. There are a few people round the boards who use the bp regimen only once a day and stay comfortably clear.


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thanks muchly, I'll give it a shot and see how it goes.

Chin is my problem area too, along with the rest of the t-zone (even though it is dry, figures).

Anything else I should know to make the regimen work for me?

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be wary over being too harsh in your cleansing routine....10 seconds twice a day with warm water, avoid contact with water at other times eg: no standing with your face under the shower for 10 minutes

don't use a bar product if your skin is dry go for cetaphil, aquanil, oil of olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin, basis comfortably clear liquid cleanser.

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