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Hey guys I went to my derm and he prescibed me accutane but when i went to pick up the meds and they say amnesteem. Is it the same thing?? Also I weigh about 130 and I got 40mgs is that enough??

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my daughter is on amnesteem. It's a generic form of accutane and works just the same so you can trust it. she was started on 40 mgs the first month and then got bumped up to 80 mgs. the second month. she's now on month 4 and well on her way to clear. oh, she's weighs less than you, just so you'll know.

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It is the same thing, just a generic brand and also the brand that I am on. The results should be exactly the same as if you were taking brand-name Accutane.

I am 5'8 and weigh 125. I started off on 20 mg for the first month. This was due to the concerns regarding the depression side effects mentioned in the pamphlet and not with my height or weight at all. I am now at the end of my second month and on 40 mg a day. By the end of this month, if the bloodwork is okay, my doctor wants to up me to 60 mg a day. I believe starting at 40 mg is a good thing. The lower the dose, the less severe the initial breakout.

Good luck with your treatment and keep us posted!

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