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so far so good with new technique

Hi there,

I have had problems with whiteheads and blackheads for a couple of years now. Like most of you, i tried a bunch of products and didn't see many results. Pro-Active made my face burn and peel. Creams and cleansers either didn't work at all, or made my skin worse.

What I found worked the best was just using a gentle soap (like Dove) on my face twice a day, with warm water and my fingers (cleansing brushes and facecloths irritated my skin). To get rid of existing blackheads and whiteheads I was using my fingers to pop them - which got rid of them but caused irritation on my face from my nails digging in to the surrounding skin and having to place pressure on the skin to pop out the pimple.

I recently found a new product that helps solve this problem. It's called the blackhead gun, but it also works on whiteheads. I got it from Blackhead-gun.com. By using it, it gently sucks out the zits on contact directly from the source - so the irritation and scarring I was causing by using my fingers (from my nails and from having to squeeze the skin around the pimple to pop it out) is gone - now a gentle suction of air just sucks it out directly from the source.

I have been using it for about a month now, and I am pretty impressed. Maybe this could be a solution for some of you too, who are going through the same experience I went through.

Hope this helps,

Carol smile.gif

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i bought one of those from a convenience store a few years back, sure it works but popping is absolute shit and should be avoided alltogether.... unless you plan to conceal the infected ass looking afteraffect

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