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Stinging Followed By Pimple

Has anyone else experienced this?

Accutane is working wonders with everything else I am putting in my system. However, lately, I've been getting these really sore, painful stings on my face and a few days later a small white pimple will surface. It feels almost like someone is putting a needle into my skin.

I was just wondering if this was common and if anyone else experiences the same thing.

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i havent had that..I get like a tingling sensation, but thats when the skins red and you know somethings going to erupt..

Maybe its just the accutane pushing everything out eventually ro something..

How is everything on accutane at the moment anyway.. i think you're at the same stage as me.. week11??And you sound pretty similar to me too so i was just wondering.Last time you wrote i think you were clearing well..hope its still the same.


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Frankie, I still haven't seem your journal. Can you post a link to it? Do you have any pictures up? I think we're probably at the same point in our treatment and I am just curious.

My skin is still breaking out but nowhere near where it was at the beginning of my treatment or during the initial breakout period. I just finished my first Prensidone prescription and am now taking an antibiotic. Today, after getting rid of some dead skin via hands and Cetaphil and trying to be objective while looking in the mirror, I am happy with the results thus far. I still want to see more improvement but know that I must be patient.

How are you doing?

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