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My personal regimen

I have used many products and have finally gotten it all down to this:


Survey damage done to face overnight.

1. Apply Mark Kay revitalizing mask, Formula 2 to obvious pimples and blackhead (not to entire face, just spots

2. Hop in the shower, keep water off my face as much as possible

3. When out of the shower, I rinse my face with ice cold water from the sink.

4. I apply proactive toner and Mary Kay Blemish control toner (formular 3) to problem areas.

5. Proactive BP- repairing lotion

6. Moistureizer to areas prone to dryness (Mary Kay Velocity)

7. Apply covergirl aquasmooth makeup


1. Jafra purifying gel cleanser-to remove make up (this stuff is gentle and I LOVE this cleanser, every time I use it it seems to really help prevent blemishes)

2. Proactive cleanser to problem areas

3. Same toners used in morning

4. Proactive BP

5. Moistureizer to places that need it

MAYBE if I have a bad pimple (rare) I put on %10 clearasil BP JUST on that spot, or Mary Kay %5 BP (which is terrible to use under foundation, btw) Lavander oil, or something else I might have around left over from my bros big acne attack of years past.

Big improvement, but I am thinking of switching out proactive BP with the BP gel available on this site...

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Ok I started lathering in hot water again and rinsing in cold water. Everything is fine...

AND HURRAY I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ZITS TODAY and the old ones are only fast fading red marks!!!! Finally clear??? I HOPE SO!!!!! Please oh please oh please

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hehehe.. haven't you ever wondered why cooked chicken does give you salmonela like uncooked chicken does? That's because hot stuff kills bacteria. Cold water doesn't. If you don't believe me, (which I'll assume you won't) I suggest you ask your dentist the next time you see him/her how they clean their tools. But anyway, that's just my two cents.

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For all those interested dentists use chemicals to clean their tools, and then put them in a special "oven" for a certain amount of hours. They don't use hot water to clean them. smile.gif

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