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Why Is My Neck And Hand So Dry?!

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Hi everyone,

I started the regimen about 18 months ago, and after trying for so long with so many different products I decided to give up as it wasn't doing much for me, and currently I am using nothing for my acne as I discussing products with my GP. I have always had an extremely oily face, back and chest (even though I don't get acne on my chest or back) but for the past year my neck which was fairly normal has become painfully dry, to the point where it hurts to move my head. This may sound rather disgusting but I don't even wash my neck in the shower, because when I have before it becomes so painful.

I take a shower every morning, lukewarm water, for about 10 minutes. I pat my neck dry and then slap on a heaped amount of emollient (currently using e45 prescribed by my GP). Even though I do this every morning my neck is STILL dry, and the funny thing is that it doesn't ever look dry, it looks sort of.. Nice.. Smooth and moisturised.

Another thing is my hand. About 8 months ago a small dry patch appeared on the top of my left hand and has continuously got worse. It sometimes doesn't bother me (except from the look of it) but at other times itches SOOOOO bad!! until i end up cutting my hand which it then scars. My right hand also has the same thing except there's nothing to actually see, it is only a bother when it randomly starts itching like mad and red marks appear. I had been prescribed steroid cream, twice, and an anti-fungal cream and none of them have worked, the only thing that seems to work a tiny bit is to use the e45 constantly, and i'm talking every hour.

I had eczema when I was younger, the typical rashes all over the cracks of the legs and arms but it faded going through primary school. But recently my skin has started to itch like mad. I don't get permanent rashes, only sort of 'heat lumps' that itch as soon as I get in bed or take my clothes off.

This to me is so so so confusing and is really annoying due to how much care I take of my body which involves a lot of time and money. Please could anyone with the same experience or knowledge help me as to what to do! After a couple of years I am slowly getting impatient :P


P.s. I attached a picture of the dry skin/rash on my hand, I didn't see the point in taking pictures of my neck, because it doesn't look dry, and my body because the rashes only appear when they start to itch. (note: my hand on the picture is currently not in a 'dry stage' it has just been through one which is why there are cuts)





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