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Goin' out tonight...have a quick question...

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hey, I know I am not supposed to drink a lot, but is it ok to drink one or 2? I am 27 years old, and married with children. Its been forever since I have gone out, so this isn't a usual thing for me. Should I take my pill today?? I AM going out, and I AM going to drink acouple of beers, I know I shouldn't drink at all, but I am. I need it, its for my own sanity! ANYWAYS, I know its in my system, but is it worse if I take one today???? Thanx for the help everyone!! biggrin.gif

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I know I'm not supposed to either but realistically I'm 19 and I'm in college and it's going to happen... and it has happened twice now that I've been on accutane. I just was sure to drink a lot of water before and after (as hard as it is sometimes) and took three advil. I woke up the next morning with a red face but not hung over. I've had blood tests since and everything remained normal, actually good my dermatologist said.

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So this response is probably delayed since you probably went out last night. If you did, good for you! I am also twenty-seven (fortunately divorced although recently engaged without children) and going out almost never happens since I am so self-conscious about my appearance. I do, however, have a tendency to party a lot.

I am on 40 mg of Accutane a day. I usually push the partying a little too far on the weekends. The hangovers are brutal and I can't imagine that it is healthy at all. My advice for the future would be to drink an excessive amount of water, don't wear contacts the day of the destined night, take Milk Thistle daily and be extra good to your body the days following.

In general, I wouldn't recommend drinking on Accutane to anyone but if you are going to do it, please be good to yourself and prepare your body for the consequences.

I hope this helps and good luck with your treatment!

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Thanx for the replies everyone. I know I shouldn't drink, like I said in my previous post. BUT, I AM! I didn't say I was going to go out and get sloshed, I am going out to a bar and having a couple of beers, no big deal. I will be calling my derm here soon to get his advice about this...

I appreciate the "help" thanx!

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