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I'm planning to have TCA or CROSS treatment but I'm a little bit confused which one should be applied and how often. Please help me to clear my confusion and define what would be the best option for me.

I have mostly shalow scars but not so bad scarring.

Can you suggest which %TCA and %CROSS should be used?

How often TCA and CROSS can be applied?

Please help me with your suggestions.


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Hey Ivana- Well, TCA CROSS is a procedure that most would say you should avoid doing to yourself and let a doctor perform because you could risk further scarring/burning of the skin. Contrary to that :X, I have performed TCA cross on myself. TCA, which is a very strong acid, comes in different percentages, 100% being the highest. I use the 50% and realize that even that percentage is risky but I try to be cautious and conservative. Some people do full face TCA peels with very low percentages. The difference b/w a tca peel and tca cross,is that when you have a cross,a higher percentage of TCA is used and you only use it on the scarred areas as opposed to the entire face. If you go to a good doctor, perhaps using 100% TCA will be fine. TCA cross causes an injury to the skin which in turn creates a healing process that promotes collagen remodeling (we hope) and with time, and treatments, the scar can look considerably better. Even though I do this process myself, if you have the money and oppurtunity to get it done by a doctor,I would definitely suggest doing that for obvious reasons, but if you decide to do it yourself, do some massive research on this board and on google. Heres a document about it.

good luck wink.gif

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