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Smoother Skin products???

cry.gif God dayum, my skin is the saddest thing ive ever seen.

Ive got every worse possible skin acne, scars, redness, etc. But I have succeeded in the one most important thing about my skin and acne, dont let it bother you and eventually ruin your life. It took time for me to fully understand and accept this fact, but i did and im feeling like ive actually done something significant, not for my skin, but for myself and well-being. Thank God.

But, now that ive accomplished my first step forward to a better life, I want to know and do one more thing for my skin.

Its nothing too big really, the only thing i wanna know is what skin products out their can REALLY SMOOTHIN my skin. Something that can really hit it HARD AND FAST. A reliable product that everyone uses maybe; a product that good and can be bought at some kinda skin store thing (i dunno) right outside.

Thats all i want now. If its not too much trouble for anyone. eusa_pray.gif

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To improve the appearance of your skin (tone and texture) you can use a home peel such as lactic acid 40% about once a week. You can also purchase a non-irritating moisturizer to keep your skin plumped up. Unfortunately there's no non-prescription, miracle topical that is going to eliminate pitted acne scarring.

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