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Mica Has Made Me Itchy And Break Out... Any Minerals Without It?

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Hi everyone. I just joined, although I've had acne for nearly 12 years so I don't know what took me so long! I have been using liquid foundation for many months, L'oreal True Match to be precise, but it causes me to break out in my most acne-prone area, my chin. I use it because I'm very, VERY fair, and most foundations make me look orange no matter how "fair" they promise the shade to be. True Match is the only foundation I've found that matches my Snow White skin. But, I don't want to erupt in spots on my chin all the time! So, I tried mineral makeup about three weeks ago. I found one that came in the perfect shade, that also claimed to be free of harsh chemicals and irritants. It was also affordable, unlike others. I absolutely loved it at first. Then... I noticed my skin was getting very itchy, and I was erupting in even more spots than usual, all over my face, some of them itchy, others either pustules or whiteheads. I used it 5 days ago and I'm still itching like mad. After doing some research I've concluded that it must be Mica, which I think is the main ingredient. I'm so disappointed! I thought the foundation was brilliant. It is called Lily Lolo and is a UK company. I am from the UK, so a lot of mineral foundations are almost impossible for me to get (I don't exactly want the hassle of huge shipping costs). Are there any mineral foundations without Mica that are available in the UK? That also come in vampire shades and preferably don't contain bismuth? I imagine I would react horribly to bismuth if I have reacted this way to mica.

I know I'm probably asking for the impossible - I've been doing this for years so I know what a huge ask it is! -_-

Thank you!

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Do you get artdeco over there? They have mica , but only to a veeeery low degree.

My smashbox mineral blush is also mica free, so maybe their mineral foundation is also working.

There's a german organic brand for mineral make up that produces mica free products, I will check for you if they ship to UK. I react the same way to it btw. All their prodicts are bismuth free.

Yes, they do ship: http://www.chrimaluxe-minerals.de/Mineral-Foundation,cat-44

Shipping costs are low and abou 4-5 working days delivery to UK. They will send you a starter pack with different shade samples of extremely fair to fair mica free mineral powder foundation. I think the english description is not great, so I would just send them an e-mail with a description of your skin tone and what you need. As you can see on the page, they have different skin tone groups, so everyone can find his very perfect make up shade.

Every salesman here speaks english, no problem.

But you have to stress that you need mica free, because their "normal" series includes mica.

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Thank you so much Calumma smile.png ! I will note them down as possibles to try.

I purchased samples from two mineral companies, called Bare Skin Minerals and My Beautiful Earth. The first had mica, but I'm not sure how much, and the second was mice-free. The shades were perfect, but I'm still experiencing the tingling sensation, and my skin is really red! ohno.gif And I've got red bumps in places I never usually get acne. I'm guessing there may be ANOTHER ingredient that my skin dislikes; maybe zinc oxide? My Beautiful Earth only contained: Zinc oxide, pearl, oats, rice, allantoin, and iron oxides. Are some of these potentially irritating? Is zinc oxide an SPF? If so, that is my first suspect, as I have broken out from using SPF moisturizers in the past.

So, it now seems I'm looking for a mineral foundation with no mica, no bismuth, no zinc (no titanium?). Um...... what does that leave?

Maybe I should look into making my own? Is that even possible with zero ingredients? rolleyes.gif If I wasn't so self-conscious about my acne, dry patches, red and uneven skintone, I'd just ditch this futile effort and quit makeup for good.

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