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i jsut got some ACV from a local GNC store! anywho, i bought the fluid and the pills. the pills contain 2 mg of vitamin B6, which is 100% daily value. BUT it says to take that 2 pills a day. i also take a centrum a day, which has 300% daily value. thats 500% not counting other food that might contain B6, if any=/

what do you guys think? i know this isnt a vitamin forum or anything. im gonna research this later maybe, or just post in a few other forums =/

edit: ACV(apple dicer vineger) not AVC =/

.....i gotta stop ending every paragraph with a =/

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I dont see a problem there , Im taking 20 B5 capsules , 1 B5 capsule =5100% of your RDA, so basically im taking 5100x20= 102000% of my RDA\!!!!!!!!!!

Plus a B complex and a multiVitamin!!! biggrin.gif

And I gotta tell ya, i have alot of wind!!!!!!!!! eusa_dance.gif

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Some say too much b6 and b12 can lead to more acne, just don't take a lot of it. Search around in the Holistic Health board if you want further info.

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