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Acne Out Of Nowhere!

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I am in the midst of a severe acne break out, spanning four months (and counting). All my life, except for an occasional minor breakout and pimple here there, I have had clear skin. I have never been acne prone. I am careful about my skin care regimen and haven't changed it. But July of this year, I started breaking out somewhat, and it's getting worse. I've been really patient, trying all sorts of different products and home remedies I've found on the internet, but NOTHING is working. I've tried Proactive and all kinds of stuff. In fact, things are getting WORSE and I am getting desperate.

The last time I had a "severe" (at least it was then; it's nothing in comparison to what I'm experiencing now) breakout, I began using Image pH balancing products and they cleared it up within days. I seriously saw immediate results. I've been using it again recently, to no avail. I use the ormedic pH face cleanser and the low oil lotion which 35 SPF in it. My face tends to be oily, so I only wash when I wake up and right before bed.

My breakout is mostly on my chin and jawline, though I've recently been developing some on my cheeks and nose. I'm not a smoker, do not drink much at all, eat relatively healthy (no processed food, fast food, oily/fatty or sugary foods), work out regularly and have been on the same birth control for nearly 3 years now. I do not feel particularly stressed out, so I have no idea what could be causing this awful acne.

It's red, inflammed, deep-seated zits. Scars take forever to heal whether I pick/squeeze at the zit or not. I've been using Maybelline oil free cover up, which I suspect is making things worse. The only thing I can think is in July-September timeframe, I was traveling a lot both domestically and internationally.

Just when it looks as if it will be clearing up, the break out flares up again. I'm getting desperate, and have no idea what to aside from visiting a doctor.


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The only thing I can suggest is that you visit the dermatologist so they can figure out the root cause of your acne. It sounds like it might be hormonal.

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