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Can I Get Rid Of "hormonal" Acne With Out A Derm?

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Hey all.

I am in my late 20's- Female-

I started breaking out BAD about 2 years ago. Only on my chin cheeks and jawline, which I always read is hormonal. But its not just around that time of the month, its always. :(

I have tons a hard cystic acne, rarely ever coming to a head, now scarring (and I don't pick) and leaving marks behind.

It's MOSTLY on my left cheek and I wash my pillow cases, and clean my phone all the time.

I've tried everything from Expensive brands, cheap brands, acne.org brand, and the all natural Oil cleansing method and It's still BAD.

I tried the derm once and got tetracycline and atralin gel with little relief.

Please! Any advice is welcome. :(


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You could try a birth control pill, which you could get from a regular doctor. Something like spironolactone would need a dermatologist to prescribe, I think.

I have the same kind of acne and I have tried all the topical stuff to no avail. Internal hormonal regulation is really the only way to deal with it, I think.. cos it's so far down, you know?

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The most effective treatment for hormonal acne is either bcp or spironolactone, i think endocrinologists can prescribe them. There are also natural solutions to try, like avoiding dairy, sugar, wheat -or whatever is a trigger to you- using supplements (omega 3, cinnamon, zinc and others), herbs like spearmint that are supposed to act like anti-androgens. For me, spiro is the ultimate savior.

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I know what you're going through. Since it's hormonal, there's nothing you can really do except take birth control or spiro. But the problem is... once you go off it, it's quite likely that it'll come back. I also tried Accutane for 2 rounds. It worked until about 3 or 4 months after treatment.

Currently I'm taking EstroSense which you can buy at those natural stores. It works really well! There are some bad months, but overall I'm happy. And there's a bonus - it helps keep your breasts healthy!

Unfortunately I'm gonna have to go off it soon. Planning to have a baby soon, so I can't have anything altering my hormones. Wish me luck!!! I'm super-scared for my skin!

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Spiro sounds like it is going to be your best bet. I get mine prescribed from my OBGYN actually. A lot of women on the site do as well. Dermatologist can proscribe this as well as endocronigists. I have all the above as doctors I see on a regular basis. My obgyn was more than happy to prescribe it. I went to her first because my dermatologist is never open to the idea that my acne was hormonal.

Turns out it was because I am clear and have been thanks to that medication. There is an over the counter medication you can take called saw palmetto which has similar effects as spiro. Not as effective though and results take a long time to see. Spiro isn't a quick results pill either but if you have hormonal acne, spiro is the best thing that will happen for your skin.

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You can get natural progesterone cream without a doctor.

Progesterone regulates both testosterone and estrogen.

I would google symptoms of low progesterone and see if any of them fit you.

Before I was clear, I also broke out "constantly" and yet my acne was hormonal. Hormonal acne doesn't necessarily fluctuate.

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Thanks everyone! I figured I had to see a doc. now. I should probably get my hormones checked. :\ I really appreciate all your answers!

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Hi Kim

You can order an hormone level test online. It's done via salvia. I did because the nurse at my OBGYN told me that they don't test hormone levels. It was my OBYGN who prescribed me spironolactone though. I just started a few days ago; so I don't know if it will work or not.

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