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Think I'll Be Prescribed Accutane? (With Pics)

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I'm just back from the NHS dermatologist and I've been prescribed Roaccutane. She didn't have any problem at all prescribing me it, as even though my acne could be alot worse, I've basically tried everything over the last 9 years. Obviously she went through the side effects. I have a 6 week course inititally, 30mg once a day. Providing my bloods are ok I start tomorrow. I'm excited! It's not going to be an easy few months with the side effects but I'm feeling hopeful for a good outcome at the end.

Did you get the accutane the day you first saw the derm?

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MrWarden88: Yea my derm gave me my hospital prescription for roaccutane on my first appointment. I had bloods taken that day too. She said not to take the roaccutane until my blood results were back. She telephoned me two days later to let me know the bloods were all fine and said I could start popping the pills.

An update on my progress: I was on 30mg roaccutane once a day for 16weeks. I was supposed to do about a 24week course but I was clear after about 8weeks and the side effects were very annoying. By the end of my course my face was flushing very noticeably a number of times a day. I decided to finish early as I felt the side effects were no longer worth the benefits.

I'm happy to say that now 2months since quitting I have NO side effects and my skin is clear . I have had two or three spots since but they're very small and go away very quickly. I'm just crossing my fingers my acne doesn't return as I quit early.

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I began with the flushing only 2 days after starting, so annoying & the heat was almost unbearable so I totally understand stopping early.

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I just booked a free consultation in a clinic that specializes in acne. Took me a week to get the next available date... and was put on accutane. She gave me the prescription and blood work paper. I received my accutane pills before doing the blood test, all in the next day.

It sucks that some of you have to wait so long!

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