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I have read some of the posts in this forum and totally understand where you are coming from. I sometimes thought that I was cursed by having acne. I went to school everyday thinking about how so many kids are clear and my face is a mess. I was pretty fortunate in school. No one ever commented about my face or never really made fun of anyone else with acne. I knew no one was talking about my face, or would ever do such a mean thing, but it was still on my face and it still hampered my performance.

I have developed my own regimen after reading the helpful advice Dan's site had to offer. I wash twice daily (morning and night), take two pills daily (morning and dinner time), and use a cream before I go to bed. Since starting this cycle, my acne has cleared up tons. I only have a few more red spots left which should go away eventually.

The reason I post this is to hang in there. The end results are so worth it. Since my clear up, I have more confidence in myself. My grades are higher, i'm not afraid to talk in class now, and I even stopped a habit I have had for years -- biting my nails. I can finally look in the mirror and say "...Damn, I look nice."

"...Damn, I look nice." -- You'll be able to say that one day, and it will be the best day ever.

Don't give up guys and gals. There is a god upstairs and he is watching over you.

- Briskfrito

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Being clear was cool for me, but it wasnt like a COMPLETE life change for me.

Sure I had more confidence, gained more friends, but other than that, I still did the same things.

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there was a time between my first cystic acne bout and my second, a period of around 6 months of complete clearness on antibiotics (which work for a limited time then stop working forever) and my life was so changed, it was one of the best summers of my life.

Being clear is what its all about...that far off dream.

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After having acne is like the movie It's a Wonderful Life, once I realized I was clear, my life has taken a whole new perspective. Although My acne ordeal only lasted for three months, it was still three months I would have liked to have back. I am never taking my face for granted ever again!

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