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Cancelling Plans Because Of Acne?

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Yeah, I know this feeling too well. On some days, going to school even became a hassle. I remember just wanting to lay in bed all day and wish away my problems. It sucks that the world doesn't work like that.

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I've had a pretty much clear skin for the past year, few pimples here and there, but nothing major, nothing compared to what was going on with my skin 2 years ago (well, except for the fact that my face looks like I have roseace all the time, which I probably do, but there's nothing that make-up can't fix) . And now I'm back to that place I was 2 years ago, I can't even properly walk down the halls of my school, I keep my head down, I avoid eye contact, just the thought of going anywhere public makes me want to faint. And I was so confident this last year, I was such a positive and happy person ( even though my skin was all bright red and I had to cake on foundation to hide that) and now I'm back in this dark place where I can't function properly because all I do is research acne related stuff or just basically don't feel like doing anything, just hiding in my bed. I wish I was dead, but then again I remember how much I want to live and enjoy my life again and I want to stay positive but it's so hard especially since I don't even know what to do because my face seems to be definitely more than acne.

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I do this all the time, I pretty much only see my husband and my Mum when I have spots. I have to take my son to school and go to work but sometimes it's so hard to even leave the house. I know people probably don't care but it makes me feel so ugly especially as I never see any other Mums with skin like mine...sucks

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