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Do I need to worry about scars?

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My mom had a friend growing up (in teen years) and he had bad acne (cysts, nodules, inflamed) and he liked to pop them. eek.gif

Now he was scars. Nothing too noticable, I think.

But my mom thinks I will have bad scars too.

All I get is little zits. I have no scars on my face that I can see now, only fast fading red marks. I only "pop" ripe zits. I have some black heads, but with meds they are dying fast. I never squeeze my blackheads, they usually come out on their own without a big fuss (occasionally they turn into a little zit).

Do I need to be all worried about scars??? My mom thinks that if I don't 'get rid of my acne right away' that I will have scars like her friend. I haven't even had this mild case for a year yet and it's already dying out (I hope to be clear in 1 month). Will little zits cause bad scars? (As far as I know I have no scars now)

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Thanks for that very graphic description neutral.gif

Some people seem to scar more easily than others. I'm one of them. I've scared from smalls zits before and i never even popped them. This is probobly rare though so I wouldn't worry.

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Yeah, thanks a lot - I think I will cancel my dinner. You should not worry at all about getting scars unless you have moderate to major cystic acne. A lot of it is genetic anyway.

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Scarring depends on a number of factors including but not limited to:

type of acne, disposition to scarring, nutrition, & whether or not you pick.

It's best to keep your hands OFF your face because if you pick, poke, etc then you risk spreading the acne and scarring.

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