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The beginning of my accutane journey has begun!

So I went to the doctor yesterday, straight out asked him for it - he didn't even look at my face I just told him I didn't want to waste any more money on laser or blue light or peels or that crap. He was a very nice man, and he listened to me!

He supports a process where you maintain very low doses for a lengthy period of time. I will start and stay on 20 MG a day, probably for a year - he said most people take themselves off it, as opposed to him deciding when enough is enough. He believes that this process keeps the acne from coming back.

My acne is incredibly light, but that's only from the outside. Some days I wake up and you can't see the pimple but I am in actual pain from it. Often times these are on my nose and I can't even touch the nose without being in pain. So yea, I have maybe 5 actual, small pimples that really don't bother me asthetically - but I want to make sure I don't have acne when I go off to college, especially the painful kind!

So last night I began the stock-up process, to ensure I am ready to fight the side effects, here is what I bought:

Canada Pharmacy

Prevex Moisturizing Lotion

Prevex Protectant Cream


Accu-Soothe Lip Balm

Nighttime Lip Treatment


Chapstick Natural (I read that menthol and those things are bad for Accutaners)


Anyone have experience with any of these products - which ones work the best? The Prevex is only available by prescription (I think) in the States so I had to buy it from Canada, but I have no idea if it is good.

So I took my first pill today, and I have drank 64 ounces of water so far...hopefully another 64 before the day is done. I also make a smoothie drink that uses a green powder which is full of organic/natural nutrients. And I am taking 400 IU of Vitamin E (even though it probably doesn't do anything)

I am all for minimizing the side effects - does anyone have any recommendations?

I am not sure what to clean my face with, as cetaphil is very weak and my face is not sensitive AT ALL.

Also - what kind of esthetic treatments can I get while on accutane, as far as peels, facials, etc. etc.

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What is your height and weight?

It sounds like you are being extremely too cautious for such a low dose! That is a lot of water. Plus vitamin E pills. If you are of moderate weight i don't think you have to worry about your side affects being bad at all. I am 160 pounds at 5'9 and was on 40mg for the first month and was just bumped up to 80 yesterday. My first month wasn't bad at all! Aside from my lips a bit chapped, no major side affects. I couldn't imagine being on 20mg and having anything worse (for my size of course) Don't know- you may be 90 pounds!?

As for the peels? I would stay away from that. While on accutane I don't think you should be using any other treatments. Even with a low dose. Accutane is supposed to do the job alone. If you are gonna do it anyway, I would wait a month to see how your skin looks just to be safe!

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First of all, it seems like you are being put on Accutane for a very long time period. It was my understanding that most treatments last anywhere from four months to eight months. Putting your body through a year of Accutane seems like a lot. My dermatologist also told me that the lower the dose and the longer the treatment, the better the success rate. A year still does seem like a lot.

Aquaphor is the bomb! I use it everyday, several times a day and it never leaves my side. It has become almost as necessary as my pack of cigarettes due to the comfort it provides.

Lastly, I would not allow anyone except your dermatologist to touch your skin. Being on Accutane makes your skin more sensitive. For me, bruises and papercuts take forever to heal. Any razor nick seems to bleed forever. Be gentle to your skin, it will be undergoing an immense change and needs all the time off you can possibly give it.

Good luck with your treatment. I wish you success and clear skin!

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