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Need Your Guys Opinions On Accutane!

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Hey guys let me tell you a few things about my self. I'm 22 years old Asian and have moderate acne. If I eat very healthy (no dairy, fried foods, sugar, low carb intake, ect.) my acne seems to be very mild, a few whiteheads here and there and maybe a pimple from sweating so much at the gym. But its hard because I want to live my life and drink every few weeks and just have fun.

I have a few raised scars on my jaw from a horrible breakout i had a few years ago from completely over drying my face and have been getting cortisone shots every month to help lower them (which has been a huge help), but near every the time my appointments are scheduled i get anxiety from having to actually go to a dermatologist office and get my face looked at under a microscope (just a metaphore) and i break out. My doctor always kinda tries to pressure me into getting treatment but i dont think i need it since i know i can control my acne if i gave it 110%

The thing is I have oily skin (mostly T zone) and I think im finally going to give into him and go on accutane to control my oil production.

Since i am asian and have oily skin and have blackheads on my nose, under my mouth, and under my eyes near my t-zone, i was wondering if i am more prone to getting and IB (initial breakout) because i have blackheads and my skin is oily.

This is the thing that worries me the most, I am actually getting anxious just thinking about it because I go to college and am very self concious of my face especially now since i have scars that nobody probably has or knows what they are even thought shots lowered them greatly.

I was once on Solodyn and didnt have an IB and it completely cleared me for awhile then i stopped because i didn't want to be on medications anymore but i think i am finally fed up and want to control my oil production and acne for good.

Please i would really appreaciate any input on:

- My chances of IB are since i have blackheads and oilyskin

- Lower doses to not have IB but will it all come back when i stop?

- WIll accutane get rid of my oily skin and hair for GOOD?

- and ANY persnal experience/input/stories you would like to get out

Please guys I would really love any input a lot or a little. Thank you.

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Hi there i am currently on roaccutane as its called in Scotland and have been on it for three months now.

My intial breakout was horrible not going to lie to you, but i would not put it down to the accutane solely as there was a few other factors in which i feel were also to blame maybe even more so than the accutane. I got put on steroids (Prednislone) to help with my initial breakout which worked wonders for it, even though i was only on them for a short length of time. If you do get a bad initial breakout i would consider asking your dermatologist about them but they do come with a number of scary side effects.The IB was severe in my case but i do feel it was completely worth it as my skin now is the best its been in years.

What i have read about lower doses is you have be on them for a longer length of time but they can still be effective in getting rid of acne for a number of years.This still depends on how your body reacts so it may or may not work for you.

Its not certain to say whether your skin/hair will be less oily for good but mines has certainly dried out and my hair only needs washed once or twice a week but i never had a problem with greasy hair.

Hope this helps, i would suggest you consult with your dermatologist your options.I know it may be at a cost cause i know its unusual to see a dermatologist for free in other parts of the world. Luckily i am from Scotland and we get everything including the medication for free which is amazing thanks to the NHS.

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Hi I have been on accutane twice.with very little results.if u decide to go on accutane. I would strongly advise to pressure your dr. to put u on a cephalosporin antibiotic like duricef simultaneously with accutane.this will eliminate breakout during the course.i had to do this and it worked.you cant mix tetracyclines and accutanne together but cephalosporins work much better for acne anyhow.also your dosage is dependant upon your bodyweight.i wouldnt dare go on accutane without staying on antibiotic at least. Until the course is done.your risk of scarring is severely increased while on accuta ne and more succeptible even afterwards. Good luck yo u

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