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Can Cat Allergies Exacerbate Acne?

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I've suffered with mild to moderate acne on-and-off for a few years. There have been times when my skin has been completely spot-free for months, and then other times where I have lots of whiteheads and a few cysts on my cheeks, jaw, chin, and sometimes my neck. I started using Epiduo about two and a half weeks ago when I felt that my acne was getting worse than it has ever been, and after the initial burning and a minor breakout, I now wake up in the mornings and find areas of my face peeling and flaking. It's managed to get rid of a lot of the bumps I had on my cheeks and reduced the number of cysts I'm getting, but I've begun to notice something else...

Yesterday I was lying on my boyfriend's chest, so one side of my face was pressed into his t-shirt. He has a cat, and I found out a couple of weeks ago that I am severely allergic to cats. (I also have a cat - well, a family cat - but she's kept away from me as much as possible, although I have developed asthma as a result of being around her.) After a while the side of my face which was pressed into his t-shirt became itchy, and when I went home later I found that I had a new cyst forming in the place which had been in contact with his t-shirt. I had a similar experience a few months ago where I made the mistake of going round to his place without taking any antihistamines beforeheand, and my face broke out in a rash and my eyes became massively red and itchy. As someone who's lived with a cat for three years, I know that cat hair gets literally everywhere, including on people's clothes, and I know I have to have a really strict hygiene regime if I want to keep my allergies to a minimum.

I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had any similar experiences with cat (or other animal) allergies, and if these have impacted on your skin?

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I don't know if your allergy contributes (it is pretty possible) to your acne but your face definitely needs to touch only clean things. That doesn't include your boyfriend's t-shirt ( i won't let my face come in contact with nothing but clean pillows and towels), even if he has no pets. I have a cat too.. the only thing you can do is avoid the areas it likes the most, use that sticky things that catch their hair from cloths, tell someone to brush them as frequently as possible and wash the materials that make contact with your face preferably at high temperatures/with chlorine.

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