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Allergies And Acne

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I would like to share some very important information about what is happening to me. First of all, I am a 19 years old female, and I have a type of acne that I consider a very strange, which began in the month of May. Why do I find it odd? For the next reasons: When I wash my face it itches terribly, the same when I use makeup and at sleeping time, but this is not the weirdest, the strangest thing I've seen is that this seems to be spreading like an allergy (forehead, chin, cheeks, cheekbones), the chin showed many small pustules, the color of my skin in the form of lines, and my face gets worse after eating certain things? Yes. Lately I've been having allergies after eating things like bakery bread, normal and wheat bread, cookies, all kinds of cereal, milk, and corn. This, never, in my life used to happen! And the thing is that all the acne began at once with a symptom: Much itching in the mouth (lower lip), but before all this happened (acne), I experienced other allergies and symptoms such as itching and swelling in the hands and feet after waking up, chronic fatigue (all the time and still do), red face after eating breakfast at college, and terrible allergies while exercising (still do). For this reason, my first choice was to go to a naturopath in July. What he could see was that I have high cholesterol, irregular heartbeat, altered nervous system, and the bladder, intestines, stomach, and ovaries (ovulating) were altered. He gave me a raw diet, exercise, and various vitamins and natural laxatives. Sure, there was no change. For this, I decided to go to a dermatologist as a second option on August . The experience I had there wasn't the best at all, as the doctor walked in a hurry, and as I tried to explain several things, he maintained a self-righteous attitude. At the end, I couldn't explain all. He just gave me some medicine without even looking for the root of acne. No tests. No nothing. Just Doxycycline and Epiduo, and "This is not the end of treatment. See you the next month". Of course, I won't go to the next appointment. By using the doxycycline for the second time, I noticed my daily body allergies and usual symptoms worsening a lot, and, so far, in the third week, the Epiduo has not made ​​any changes in the third week. Not worse. Not better. I'll Keep watching in the coming weeks... By keeping all this observation, I thought: "This began with allergies, mainly. This must be the root of all the problem. Something must be causing the acne and the allergies." So I got an appointment with an allergist and immunologist, held on October 30... I have to add that I've informed myself a lot, and keep hypotheses about what might be causing it: Yeast Overgrowth (Candida), Leaky Gut Syndrome, or Celiac Disease. How I have come to believe this? Assessing symptoms. These are: Fatigue (ALL the time), feeling of being drained, depression, headaches, muscle aches and weakness, painful joints (wrists and right foot and knee), abdominal pain (ALL the time, especially at left side under the rib), constipation, bloating, premenstrual tension (never used to happen), anxiety attacks, cold hands or feet (low body temperature), shaking and irritable when hungry, drowsiness, irritability, poor coordination, frequent mood swings, insomnia, loss of balance, sinus problems (worse after meals and in cold temper, itching eyes (especially red scaly eyelids), indigestion, heartburn, sensitivity to gluten, milk, and corn, dry mouth and throat, mouth rashes including white tongue, nasal congestion, nasal itching, sore throat, shortness of breath, urinary frequency, inability to concentrate, chronic skin rashes (itches worse while bathing), nervous system symptoms, high sugar foods drastically increase, lactose intolerance, anxiety, panic attacks, bone pain, facial rash, avoiding foods help alleviate symptoms, feeling of being intoxicated, carbohydrate craving, tiredness, acne, inability to gain weight (bought two mini boxes of Boost and nothing), discolored nails, headaches, itchy ears, nausea, and dark circles under eyes... I did the candida spit test and it was positive, and made a cousin do it and hers was negative. I know that this test isn't very accurate, so this is why I'm going to the allergist and see what she has to tell, and find a solution. From what I've noticed is that many doctors believe that Candida isn't a medical condition, but tests and medicines have been made to treat it, and from what I've read, more than 50,000 cases of it have been discovered in the last 50 to 60 years. This equates to one person per day... Well, I just know that soon I will find the right solution, and I am sure that all of you will find it, as well smile.png

If some of you would like to share similar stories to mine, please do. Thank you for reading.

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genesis, did you post the same thing twice? I don't think the moderators will let you post it twice...maybe they can move your original post to this forum. Sorry, I should have told you to post something different or paraphrase your original post so that it won't be seen as double posting. Anyway, people on here will give you more advice.

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Good for you to try to find the ROOT of the problem versus treating the symptoms...dermatologists stick to a script, honestly you could just see a dispensing robot they do not spend time assessing individuality, they just dispense antibiotics and topicals and you march towards accutane.

If you want to figure out the ROOT, you have a lot of work ahead of you. There is a blood test which is a celiac screen (only works if you are still eating wheat), it's been a while but I believe it is the ttg test, ask your GP they can request that test for you- if that is high you then move along to the biopsy.

But you can begin to do a less invasive test with known trigger foods, ie dairy and wheat, eliminate them for a month and see what happens- and begin an anti candida diet, slowly- I'm never a big fan of big changes. Keep a food journal and it's correlation to your skin and other facets of your body.

You can educate yourself on supplements as well - just make small changes and keep track of progress, write everything down. We are all individuals and your root problem is unique- keep trying to find the right naturopath, or try a doctor of Chinese medicine (they are actually trained to treat the inidividual and find ROOT causes). Good luck and keep us posted!

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I understand, and I am in agreement. But something that made me angry was that when I told the doctor that I didn't wanted to use Epiduo, because it could cause burning, he said that there was no way that could happen. But, the reality is that Epiduo has burned my face twice and the official site says that it can be one of the possible side effects. The second time, I couldn't use it after three days. Just on the spots. So, now I am only applying it every two days. For me, it works better this way. It looks like the doctor, like a lot of doctors, only works by protocol.

Yes. I am looking forward to having the Celiac test done, in complement with some other tests. There's a lot of things that I have to explain to the allergist. Let's see what she has to tell about this, so she can find me a right solution. I've been keeping a food journal has I been analyzing everything. I am been patient, while having faith that this will get better soon. I am sure it will.

Thank you for informing me, and of course, I will keep everyone posted about any changes.

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