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First Time Trying The Regimen

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I've had mild acne and have tried countless treatments and products. Yet nothing seems to fully get my skin clear for a continuous time. I figured by having mild acne and just buying the 3 step Regimen would that be a good starting point? Or should I go ahead and purchase the $80 kit with the jojoba oil and Aha treatment as well? My skin doesn't severly dry up so I was just thinking of going with the 3 step process and trying it out. If later on I feel it's necessary to purchase the jojoba oil and aha I can do so. Sorry if my post is too long it's my first time posting.

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Your post is not too long at all! You should see mine.. they're like a billion times longer than yours lol.

Anyways, I was wondering the same thing when buying the acne.org products. I'd say purchase the 3 step process first because it's recommended not to use AHA+ until you're already used to the treatment, which takes about 3-4 weeks. If you start out with AHA too early, you could irritate your skin too much because your skin is already feeling the effects of benzoyl peroxide, and over irritation is not good for your skin. Most people actually don't add in AHA+ until their skin is completely clear. Also, I'm pretty sure that almost everyone experiences dryness when first starting the regimen. Jojoba oil is awesome in terms of moisturizing the skin, regulating oil production, and it helps a ton with the flakiness. It's really up to you if you want to take the precaution of counter-acting the effects of dry skin with the jojoba oil. Like you said, you can always purchase it later if you feel that it's necessary to do so.

One more thing I forgot to add: AHA+ can also be used for spot treating pimples in their early stage. It can help prevent the pimple from fully developing. However, I'd still recommend just using the basic 3 step regimen until you get clear. Then you can add in AHA+ because it actually helps fade hyper pigmentation. The first thing you want to do is get clear, and then you can focus on hyper pigmentation (if you have any, that is).

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Just to add to Sunshine278's post, I have just been on the regimen for over a week now using the Acne.org projects and bought the 16 oz. cleanser, 8 oz. treatment, and the 8oz. moisturizer, and the jojoba oil and it was around $60 with shipping (before the cart changes).

Personally I really like jojoba to combat flakiness and decrease the itching plus it is a great makeup remover (if you wear any). I have been using it at night to supplement the moisturizer (I am super yellow then lol). Normally my skin is usually oily/combination so I would not think oil would be a good fit but it really has helped.

In terms of spreading out buying the items, the regimen recommends slowing ramping up the BP (1xday first week with lower amount, 2x day gradually working up to full amount in the next 2-4 weeks) so the product will be probably longer than the usual month if you are only putting it on your face. I am waiting on purchasing the AHA until my skin is fully adjusted to the full BP dose so it does not go haywire.

In theory, I think my purchase should last until around 6-8 week mark just because of the slow integration of BP. To sum up, I personally feel the main 3 items with jojoba oil has been incredibly helpful if it is feasible for you.

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