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Hey SweetJade and others, I'm back...

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Hey everyone,

Haven't been here for a while.How is everyone doing? I haven't been online at all for the past weeks so have lots of catching up to do, especially all of SJ's posts tongue.gif

But omg, I've actually done a colonic last week! This girl I know who is aware of the fact that I'm suffering from acne not only physically but also mentally, actually took me there.The woman there was really nice, explained one another before starting a colonic.It wasn't even that expensive, 50 euro for empty intestines, lol. But anyway, the colonic itself didn't hurt, it felt rather like a relief seeing your bowels go empty. But well, I guess there was nothing shocking about whatever came out , at least I didn't find it so, nor did the woman.But lemme tell you, right after the colonic, I felt so much better!! It may not go for everyone else as the woman told me that she actually had people passing out right after the colonic but as for me, I felt excellent! Not to mention the fact that I actually lost 5 kg the next day! And well, despite the fact that there is a tube involved up your butt, it was a special experience, lol.As for colonic-acne conenction, I say there is not a direct one although a colonic would be a perfect way to start a whatever ''acne friendly'' diet you want to start.

As for my skin condition, I've actually not had one breakout on my cheeks for the past two weeks. No breakouts on the cheeks of forehead but whiteheads around the mouth area on a daily basis.I think I read once somewhere here that if you have acne around your chin then your acne is actually a hormonal problem, dunno how much of that is true though. Oh and Im still waiting for my zinc supplements so hopefully I'll have them somewhere this week so I can finally start my zinc period!

That's it for now.

Bye bye.

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Also another thing that might play a role in me having acne is that I have a lot of facial hair for someone who is 16 years old.Maybe that's because I am partly Caucasian maybe not.So lots of things now are pointing to a hormonal disorder or an overproduction of testosterone or something, don't you think? And I'm also sure that weather plays a big role in having acne as well, now it's getting colder, I can really notice more redness. Is there any way I can bring the hair growth back or lower the hormone levels other than just maintaining healthy lifestyle and a good ''acne friendly'' nutrition pattern.

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1) Yeah -- hormones really do cause acne. You just gotta wait it out, kid. Unless you're a girl, unfortunately, there's no way to control it since you NEED testosterone to develop.

2) Facial hair doesn't cause acne unless you shave it too much and irritate your skin.

3) Weather may have an affect on irritating your skin and causing that kind of acne.

4) Colonics have been proven throughout the ages to be little more than a placebo but I'm honestly glad you feel better because of one.

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Hey you, I've been wondering where you went to =) Glad to hear your feeling good, that's always a good feeling. I must say that I'm quite proud of you for taking charge of your life and actually going for a colonic...wow. So have you gotten the test results back? What's up with your zinc taking so long?

Bye for now

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I can't believe everything is taking so slow but my doctor actually called me last week with the blood results.They tested me for a couple of things I believe and she said that everything was fine except for the sugar levels which were quite high. So she made another appointment for another blood test just for the sugar this time. I also said that I wanted to have all the specifications on paper and she said that she would think about it and what my purposes were with the details. So I have another appointment on Tuesday and hopefully I will get all the details from the previous results.I mean, I have the right to know everything in detail right even though I wouldn't understand a thing but then I have you SJ, lol.Oh and as for zinc, there was a problem with the creditcard I beleive but anyway, it's all setlled now and the parcel is already on its way so I'll probably get it tomorrow or Saturday. Once I have the zinc capsules, what was the dosage again? They're 30mg each so would it be okay to take two capsules a day? Before or after a meal?

I'll be back with the results!

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