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Right Cheek Acne That Doesn't Go Away

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I had the same problem it was allways my right cheek too -.- ,i all had a line of acne going done like that :( , it might be the toner because your mention your face is dry, a toner are only good if you have oily skin because it will suck up the oil but if you have dry skin it will make it worse trust me it happen to me ^.^, the cleanser it okay but toner no >:/, moisturizer is good i but i really recommend aveno Positively radiant Or Aveno perfect completion moisturizer these help me get rid of the redness and inflammation due too acne. Green tea wise choice keep drinking it not alot thoe, like 3 cup a day ^.^ that wat i do, eat lots of fruits and veggies like Apples, oranges, Green grapes, carrots, pearls, watermelon, and Drink lime water because its will help reduce redness and acne or you can squeeze some on your tea but it will taste kinda funny.

keep your head high ^.^

Hope i help you out in some sorta way ^.^

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thank you. I'll stop using the toner. I wish I could look into those brands but I don't think I can find them in my country.

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Hi. I'm a 23 years old, female and I have acne only on my right cheek. All papules and most of them protrude and are quite itchy. I don't break out anywhere else. I have combination skin, in my teen years I used to break out on my T-zone and never had acne on my cheeks. At 19-20 my face completely cleared out, I had the occasional blemish and nothing else.

I quitted smoking cold turkey in 2012 and I was attacked by back acne and cheek acne clusters. The acne on my cheek looked exactly like the ones on my back, like an extension. I never had acne on my body nor cheeks before so I thought it must be part of the detox process after quitting smoking, it'll go away as the lungs clear up. Wrong. It got progressively worse even though I took care of my skin better than I ever did.

What cleared my back acne completely just in a couple of weeks was picking up the habit again one year later. I couldn't believe my eyes at how quickly those big, painful papules went away! The cheek acne didn't clear up as if they moved in there for keeps. Even if I manage to cure one, they spread according to their liking and reappear on the very same spot again :))) Sick of it. There are three of them that never left in 2 years despite shrinking sometimes.

I realized withdrawal symptoms of being a quitter (I smoke a pack a day) can be quite serious sometimes and is never revealed properly to people, before I even thought quitting smoking would even clear my occasional blemishes since that's the usual advice. I developed chronic bronchitis after quitting smoking too.

What makes it worse: There are a few things I identified that make me break out: Chocolate. Even a little and I'll wake up with another papule on my cheek. Milk. Same response. Scotch. Sunflower seeds. And the week before my period they tend to be more inflamed.

What makes it better: Green tea (lots of it), oatmeal. Base foods. 2nd week after my period.

Stuff I ruled out: I know that it's not because I sleep on my right cheek, I've slept on my back or left side for 6 months now and no change. I clean my cellphone with rubbing alcohol whenever possible. I never touch my cheek or pick at it. I make sure my hair never touches my cheeks. I don't have polycystic ovary syndrome.

My skin regimen: Wash my face once or twice a day, using Neutrogena face exfoliator once a week (it's too rough on my skin if I use it more frequently) using neutrogena alcohol free toner and oil free moisturizers for sensitive skin twice or once a day. Sometimes I skip it in the morning but at night never. I used to cleanse my face with Proactiv but it made it worse, gentler alcohol-free products are better for me since my cheeks are dry and drying them out even more is no good. I use LaRoche's sunblock daily for sensitive skin. I'm glad I have no icepick like scars only dark spots which fade in a couple of months. If only new ones didn't appear :[

Stuff I suspect if the smoking's not the culprit: Stubborn bacteria that loved my cheek too much. A food allergy I'm not aware of. Not drinking enough water.

Any advice/idea/suggestion would be much appreciated.

Hi, what side do you sleep on?

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I GUARANTEE. Your a mouth breather. The right cheek is directly correlated to the lung ( look up acne face mapping). Breathing through the mouth is hard for your lungs because your nose purifies the air, removes dust,debris, bacteria and other stuff ya dont want in your lungs. Last night i came across this topic of " mouth breathing vs nose breathing" and have been breathing strictly thrrough my nose for days. Nose breathing gets more oxygen to your blood vessels, cappillaries, especialy the ones in your cheek. I havnt noticed any pimples growin on my right cheek and im almost certain because im BREATHING right. imagine the lung damage of 20000 mouth breaths a day. Seriously, look up this topic on google and you may have just solved your problem. Ps ( fall asleep while nose breathing and you will most likely breath like that all night) hope this helps, if not well eat your veggies, wash your face and moisturize after, and dont eat too many grains or starchy foods.

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