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Mr Wiggles

All the fuss--I end it now

I found another study on BP and free radical damage/sun damage. Here

That being said, I'm aware of the risks and I use it anyway. I use topical Vitamin C to try to counteract some of the damage. That and BHA keep my skin clear so I use it. Thanks for a great site Dan!

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With regard to the H2O2 study: 52 is a very small sample size for a study of this type, a bit early to draw conclusions wouldn't you say? Also, reduction in noninflammatory lesions was significantly greater than w/ BP, but not inflammatory or total lesions. The difference in total lesions was 93% versus 88% (NS), which suggests this treatment may be promising but this result is certainly not robust enough to suggest everyone should drop BP and start using H2O2 immediately.

Conclusion: interesting, but hardly definitive proof.

Also, regarding the BP/tumor link, any studies showing an effect in humans? You're posting a lot about mice, but we all know that animal studies do not necessarily translate well to humans. Or did I miss something?

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Hello Dan and everyone,

First of all, I want to "say" that benzoyl peroxide works good on my skin... nevertheless, I must clear something (as a chemistry major)... benzoyl peroxide [C6H5CO-O-O-OCH5C6] easily suffers homolysis, that is, the bond between the two middle oxygen atoms breaks (this bond is very weak). As a result, two radicals form [2 C6H5CO-O*].

In fact, organic peroxides are used in the initiation step of a chain reaction due to this "property".

***On the other hand, I don't know anything about how benzoyl peroxide works with the skin. Some sources say that BP reacts with the skin in some way that benzoic acid and oxygen (molecule) are produced. I'll check that out.

I need benzoyl peroxide, and unless someone comes up with something better, I'll stick with it. [i don't want to have a scarred face :(... btw sometimes I switch BP for Sal acid, but BP works better for me...]

A final note to all:

***Our body creates free radicals even if we are not using BP... it suffers from oxidative stress every time we eat carbs, proteins, and fats!! That is why, it's wise to eat fruits and vegetables several times a day, between meals, etc.

When using BP, try to use it only once a day, use sunscreen, and probably a moisturizer. At night use a moisturizer with antioxidants (or something like that). Drink plenty of water (1.5-2 liters). Eat fruits and vegetables, daily!! [Yes, again haha].... Walnuts.

I do have a lot of things to write but hahaha it is already too much...

Hope this helps...


Mr. Wiggles, I think you are perhaps mistaken about the free radicals issue. BP causes oxygen, which is 0(2), or two oxygen molecules stuck together. A free radical is a single oxygen molecule with nothing attached. Benzoyl peroxide does not, as far as I know, cause free radicals. In fact, benzoyl peroxide is an anti-inflammatory.

Again, I ask that you please post a specific scientific study that shows a correlation between free radical damage and benzoyl peroxide application.


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