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Hi! I am a 21 year old female and am looking for the best treatment to remove RED MARKS!

The hyperpigmentation is pretty severe and all over my face. I cannot leave the house without heavy makeup. My skin is pretty resilient...

What are the best treatments/products to remove them?


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What are the best treatments/products to remove them?

Removing red marks is quite impossible as time plays the most important part.

Letting that aside , there are sevral treatments that you might benefit from :

Retin-A/Differin along with daily exfoliation (8-10% AHA)

Chiemical peels(when it comes to red marks 30% is pretty useless , go for 50%-70%)

IPL/V-beam(althought these laser are the most expensive they are also the most effective , giving you a drastic improvment over a short period of time).

I have red marks all-over-my-face too , I use make - up to make them look less red(since i am a guy i can't use heavy foundation/concealer),I have those over a year now,I don't have money for the Ipl or v-beam , but my point is they are acne red marks, not acne.i would rather have these than acutal big freaky zits.

You may say that some people(who don't know) say that you have acne (because from a certain distance they look like you have acne) , those people might kill your mood , but wouldnt it be even worse if you actaully had acne?

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