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Easy Free Regimen That Worked For Me(And Should For Any Teen)

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I was on forum before, and decided to help you all with my success story.

So, I've been battleing with acne for last 7-8 months I think ... I had clear skin till than(or maybe few pimples, not noticable at all), it started while I was sick, I had diarrhea and threw up for a week. Acne appeared in that week, that was the main cause, anyways till then to now, I tried many topical products, but since they didn't work, I'd continue searching for a product/treatment that would work, I'd find a success story for some treatment and give it a try, for the first day it'd usually work cause I had higher self-esteem from success stories(= no stress). Anyways, every product/treatment has a success story, but it isn't the reason because it worked for ... How did it work for them then? It's cause they'd pump their self-esteem, and cause they're lucky, they wouldn't stress = this is the key.

I've also tried to find connection beetween food and acne, NOTHING! BIG FAT NOTHING, for a week I was conviced it was true, because whenever I'd eat tiny chocolate part or a bit of wheat/diary I'd feel stressed for breaking my rules, and the next day I'd break out.

Before less than a week, I realised stress was the problem(I read somewhere, and gave it a try). For a day I ate everything in my diet was forbidden, and tried not to stress about it. Next day? No new pimples(pimples would appear every day for me)! For 5-6 days now I ate anything I wanted, I didn't get ANY pimples except the day before 2 tests in one day, I was pretty stressed, it formed 1-3 hours from when I started stressing(small pimples cause afterwards I did calm myself and they didn't continue forming - IMPORTANT). My face finally started clearing without forming any new pimples, I only have some small bumps and scars left!

The STRESS was the thing that continued to form acne after I was already "infected", this is, in my opinion, the problem with the most of you, teenagers.

How did/do I get stressed?

- Tests I haven't studied for

- Social stress(having a fight with a friend)

- Acne stress(people commenting on my acne, very disturbing/realising your acne got worse this morning)

- Food stress(eating against my diet and being afraid of getting new pimples and getting my face worse)

How do I calm the stress?

- Deep breathing when I get stressed

- Meditating (I did it once shortly, but it should help)

- Explain yourself you have to be calm, and your acne problem is stress, your body will know and concetrate on it

- Napping - do a 30-90 mins nap during the day, it helps

All of those stress calming tehniques should help.

I also read some post by another guy here on forum recently before I made my post:

"I noticed that when I'm stressed out I break out.


This boosted my self confidence which I found to be one of the biggest factors in reducing my acne."

What do I do now?

I eat what I want to, I don't do ANY creams on my face, I didn't stop to pick pimples, BUT I FOLLOW MY STRESS REGIMEN.

Just try what I mentioned, it could and I believe it will help you!

About acne scars(I don't have them alot, and they are fading, but I'd like to speed up the process), I read lemon drink should help, I'll try it in a week or so, but I'm testing to be 100% sure for another week this regimen.If any1 has any suggestions, tell me via comments.

Also throw me some comments if it works for you(and it should), I'd like to know I've helped.

Try it for 2 weeks, though you'll see results in days!

This may be farly the greatest contributor, make sure you try it before you say "I've tried everything to cure acne".

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